31 10 2009

I thought I could tell you a little bit about the music I like. Many people say that they like everything and I do aswell. But it does really describe me. I adore Green Day, I love Soulja Boy, Kanye West and Jay-Z, I can’t get enought of Ne-Yo, Muse, Rihanna and Kevin Rudolf. I also like Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta. There’s a whole lot of other bands and musicians I haven’t written about here but if I would write down all musicians I like the list would be endless.

But you guys probably know a little at least about these persons so I’m gonna write aboyt another band I like, Dead by April. They’re from Gothenburg, Sweden and was formed in 2007 but their breakthrough was this year, 2009. Dead by April is a metal/rock band. Their first single was Losing You and it still is my favorite. You can read more about them here.

You might noticed that I like very different genres. I think it would be boring to listen to the same kind of music all the time. I like a little variation when I listen to music. I listen to Kiss Me Thru The Phone by Soulja Boy in this very moment.

The band I like more than everything is Green Day. I listened to them since 2002 I think. For a very long time at least. I gotta say that I like the older albums more than the newer ones. Nothing can break Dookie, it’s the best album ever! I think I’ll always like them since I listened to them for so long. But I’ve never seen them live. I’ve been away, didn’t get any tickets and so on. I really looking forward to the day I’ll be able to see them!

Dead By April

This is freaky!!!

23 10 2009

A friend of mine told me about Just click play and think of many person. The spirit will guess which person you’re thinking of by asking a few questions. It got all my persons right. Kinda freaky or what??

WMA Dresses!

16 09 2009

Once again there was a big award and countless number of gorgeous (and disgustingly ugly) dresses. I’ve got the best ones below.


Beyoncé definitely looked best in her red minidress. I love her bangles also.

1252912831145_KristinCavallari1        LadyGaGa1

Kristin Cavallari wore a metallic       Lady GaGa is spectacular as always

dress and black heels. I think she       but her neck seems to be broken.

should have worn a necklace also.     Her face is also very stiff.

KeriHilson1         SolangeKnowles2

Keri Hilson disn’t wear a dress but       Solange Knowles wore a black

with a great body as hers she looked   dress with origami inspired

dashing in a black jumpsuit. Plus          shoulder. Lovely!

that her haircut really fits her!

1252912897057_LeightonMeester2        LeightonMeester1

Leighton Meester’s dress wasn’t 

anything extraordinary but I

love her make-up!

TaylorSwift2         WhitneyPort

Taylor Swift shows her tall body        Whitney Port in a think, black

in a metallic gown. Perfect for her!    frail looking dress matched with

                                                                            rough boots.

Pink1        1252913903892_shakira1

Pink and Shakira appeard in the same dress but matched different

ways. Pink wore ordinary black heels and Shakira went for black

over-knee leather boots. Who wore it best? I’ll vote for Shakira.

GreenDay        ChaceCrawford

The Punktrio Green Day wore ties,       Chace Crawford showed up down

animal prints and leather jackets.          dressed but still stylish in black

They’re rockers all the way through!      suit and white shirt. God job!


About the Kanye West incident, what he did was totally wrong, even though I think Beyonce deserved it better. did you see Taylors face? I thought she was going to cry! Thank god that the audience had some empathy and cheered her up!


11 09 2009

"Son do you know why I’m stoppin you for?" Cause I’m young and I’m black and my hat’s real low Or do I look like a mindreader sir? I don’t know Am I under arrest or should I guess some mo’? "Well you was doin fifty-five in the fifty-four; license and registration and step out of the car – are you carryin a weapon on you? I know a lot of you are" I ain’t steppin out of shit, all my papers legit "Well do you mind if I look around the car a little bit?" Well my glove compartment is locked, so is the trunk in the back And I know my rights, so you gon’ need a warrant for that "Aren’t you sharp as a tack! You should try out for lawyer or somethin, somebody important or somethin"


This is taken from a song called ‘99 Problems’ by Jay-Z. It was the soundtrack of ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’. I’m writing this because this really shows how common racism are. He writes about a police who is supposed to help all people in the community but he’s making one group of people hate them. He did fifty-five in the fifty-four barely not a crime but the cop stopped him anyway even though I bet he had better things to do in Brooklyn… Also he ‘knew’ a lot of afro Americans are wearing weapons. Aren’t white people also wearing weapons? And far from everyone wears it!

I think Jay-Z really nailed the text when he asked if it was just because he was young, black and wore his hat really low. I guess the cop saw just that and that he drove a little too fast and stopped him. Isn’t this what everyone at least says they’re trying to stop? Am I wrong?

We can have our preconceptions (everyone has some, don’t lie to yourself), but if we at least help everyone and if we’re being nice the world would change and we wouldn’t be so mad with each other. We have preconceptions and I don’t think we can let all of them go, but if we’re trying to ignore them, socialize with people from different cultures we can learn a lot about each other, that we aren’t so different from each other for example. We don’t need to belong to the same religion, pray to the same god, cook the same food and so on, to be friends. I really hate racism, but I don’t hate racists. We got to help them to stop. If we just hate them back, what do you think will happened?


The text above was only an example, there is a lot of more evil, excruciating thing that happens right now and have happened in our history. That’s why we have history classes, to learn from our previous mistakes. 

beyonce-jay-zJay-Z and his wife Beyoncé

‘Cause you had a bad day…

8 09 2009



Today I’ve been in school. It’s been a normal boring day. You know when you just wanna grow up, move out, get a job and get a life? I had one of those days today. I read a blog about a girl named Kenzas. She seem to have great life. She is 306341_737_484_118, she had a lot of good friends before she got rich and well-known by blogging and now she has this crazy job at MTV. She is also a model because she is so damn pretty. If I would be a guy, oh my god… Okay, just telling 😉 Anyway, she has great sense of style and she takes gorgeous pics. A couple of months ago she took these beautiful pics for Cafe Magazine. I really think she’s a good role model (god, I’m talking lots about role models these days), she’s down-to-earth, she doesn’t drink too much, she truly appreciate all opportunities she got by start blogging (MTV jobs, modeling jobs and so on.). That’s the kind of girls I like.

I also consider myself as a good role model. Many people dislike me just because of my confidence even though I’m not rude. That’s something I don’t understand. Why don’t you just wish me luck instead of picking on me?I learned to not care about it but I know why there’s still wars in the world. It’s all those small things which just leads to problems and people getting annoyed with each other. Stop with it! You see how I wrote about the girl Kenza? If she ever reads it I think it’s going to kind of make her day, you know. A kind word, text or anything can lift people above the sky for days! Think about that next time you’re talking shit behind your friends back.

Can you trust a friend you know talked shit about you or lied to you? If your best friends let you down once and you forgave her/him, how do you know she/he isn’t going to do it agian? Extacly, you’ll have some problems trusting that person. That’s why we shouldn’t talk about other people (okey, you can say anything really positive) when they’re not with you. I know that everyone says dumb thing sometimes and I also do. But I try to not do it, and if you do try to not say anything it’ll owrk. I promise.

True Style Icon

7 09 2009

She has been through a lot of stuff. She is young. She’s amazing and a good role model in my point of view. She has a fabulous fashion sense. She is gorgeous. She changes her hair cut, like, every day. I love her music. Do you know who I mean?





Of course, it’s Rihanna!

Have you seen anyone else with that kind of style? She always looks stylish and cute. The latest pics I saw of her was at Six Flags just after she bought her new house (which is ginormous) in Beverly Hills. She wore black clothes but she added color using a bandana and jewelry. Also, on stage when she sue black leather clothes and over-knee boots she looks stunning because of her body, which is perfect. She trains a lot and she looks healthy and normal. Superskinny and weird diets are out! Kate Moss once said that ‘She’s proud of being a real woman at last’. That’s what we like to hear.

Rihanna 1252054755090_rihanna210 hus21

Chris Brown got six moths of community labor.

26 08 2009

As probably everyone has heard Chris Brown abused Rihanna during a fight February 8 this year. Brown has said several times that he regrets what he did but the judgement came yesterday. He got six months of community labor (instead of prison), five years probation and he has to stay away from Rihanna the next five years.

“I want to take responsibility for my mistake,” Brown and added he is “totally remorseful for what I have done.”

I hope both of them can carry on after this and continue to make some great music for us!

Chris Brown

Chris BrownRihanna


26 08 2009

Hello sunshines!

Right now I’m watching ‘What Happens in Vegas’ with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. I just totally love that movie. I’ve seen it more than 10 times and I even know the lines á la ‘I am Ledgend’. I actually think it’s kind of freaky when Will Smith knows everything they’re saying in ‘Shrek’ and that’s exactly what my friends think of me 😉

Today I’m wearing

*Jeans leggings from Vila

*White Top from Ichi

*Grey Cardigan from Zara

*White Sneakers from Kawasaki


I like this style a lot since it’s dressy but at the same time a good outfit for school. What do you use to wear to school? Do you have uniforms? Do you need to wear the ‘right’ labes?

As you can see, my clothes arn’t expensive, I buy a lot of clothes instead. My closet’s  filled with stuff, Í don’t even use some thing anymore because I don’t like it and so on. But it’s okey since I didn’t have to take a loan to buy it…

MTV World Music Awards 2009

23 08 2009

I like awards because everyone is dressed up in tuxes and gowns, it’s great performances and it’s just so glamorous, you know. The MTV World music Awards is behind the corner and you’ll able to vote for you favorite music videos. Are you that kind of person who use to be pissed off when the ‘wrong’ person wins? I am!So this year I took my thumb out of my ass and voted for my faves.

This is how I voted.

Best New Artist: Kid Cudi – Day N’ Nite

Best Male Video: T.I ft. Rihanna – Live Your Life

Breakthrough Video: I didn’t vote because I didn’t know any of the artists…

Video of the Year: Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Best Rock Video: Green Day – 21 Guns

Best Pop Video: Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester – Good Girls Go Bad

Best Hip-Hop Video: Flo Rida – Right Round

Best Female Video: Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)

Soundtrack 090804

4 08 2009

It was a long time ago since I posted a soundtrack. Here’s a list of the songs I listen to now.

What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
Loosing You – Dead By April
Knock You Down – Keri Hilson
Shake That – Eminem/nate Dogg