WMA Dresses!

16 09 2009

Once again there was a big award and countless number of gorgeous (and disgustingly ugly) dresses. I’ve got the best ones below.


Beyoncé definitely looked best in her red minidress. I love her bangles also.

1252912831145_KristinCavallari1        LadyGaGa1

Kristin Cavallari wore a metallic       Lady GaGa is spectacular as always

dress and black heels. I think she       but her neck seems to be broken.

should have worn a necklace also.     Her face is also very stiff.

KeriHilson1         SolangeKnowles2

Keri Hilson disn’t wear a dress but       Solange Knowles wore a black

with a great body as hers she looked   dress with origami inspired

dashing in a black jumpsuit. Plus          shoulder. Lovely!

that her haircut really fits her!

1252912897057_LeightonMeester2        LeightonMeester1

Leighton Meester’s dress wasn’t 

anything extraordinary but I

love her make-up!

TaylorSwift2         WhitneyPort

Taylor Swift shows her tall body        Whitney Port in a think, black

in a metallic gown. Perfect for her!    frail looking dress matched with

                                                                            rough boots.

Pink1        1252913903892_shakira1

Pink and Shakira appeard in the same dress but matched different

ways. Pink wore ordinary black heels and Shakira went for black

over-knee leather boots. Who wore it best? I’ll vote for Shakira.

GreenDay        ChaceCrawford

The Punktrio Green Day wore ties,       Chace Crawford showed up down

animal prints and leather jackets.          dressed but still stylish in black

They’re rockers all the way through!      suit and white shirt. God job!


About the Kanye West incident, what he did was totally wrong, even though I think Beyonce deserved it better. did you see Taylors face? I thought she was going to cry! Thank god that the audience had some empathy and cheered her up!


Gossip Girl Fashion

15 08 2008

The new SATC-girls from Gossip Girl has a preppy-sailor-chic style in the TV-show. And I doesn’t always like it but most of the time! But in real life its different, cofortable and stylish. Here’s a pic of Taylor Momsen and Leighton Meester.


*Scarf, BlueFox, 199kr ($31)


*Leather Jacket, H&M, 998kr ($159)

*Tank Top, Asoc.com, £6


*Cardigan, Joie, $118

* Gray Dress, Asos.com, €39

*Bag, Chanel

Bracelet from Missoni

15 08 2008

This gold link bracelet from Missoni has a green and orange stone. I think this can make a whole outfit look much better!

Bracelet, Missoni, €649

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley

29 06 2008

It seems like they are more than friends. What do you think?? 😀



Blake Lively

17 06 2008

Here is a really nice outfit that Serena van der Woodsen a.k.a Blake Lively wore. If you also want this look:

Jacket $350 from www.asos.com


Jeans $22, also from asos.com


And finally,

Black High Heels $41, www.laredoute.com (swedish site)



Gossip Girl

30 01 2008


I saw the first episode yester day. It was awesome! What do you think? But I think I like to read the books better. Well, Im just started to read the 5th.


Have you seen my favorite  top? I hope so because I cant find it again and I want to buy it! It was a blue/gray t-shirt with the Rliing Stones toung. The toung was made in pearls in red and white I think. I would love if you tell me if you find it. And it was from the brand Amplified.

And when you are here…

sign this page too! www.stardoll.com  My username is polni. Little weird but I couldnt figure something better out xD

You know you love me!