American football.

29 04 2009

There is a few american football teams here and they would ‘reallt like to have girls’ in their teams. When you see thier teamphotos there’s a bunch of guys. I’m sure many girls would like to at least try it once and many would definietly like it. I think they should have more try-it-on days for both girls and boys nd maybe just girls if they knew some would show up. You can also read about scollarships. Wouldn’t it be nich with a free year on college and train for example football? When I checked out the page it only scollarships for guys existed. What about us girls? Aren’t we as good? Wouldn’t our socities be equal for both genders? This proves it’s not. Well, it’s just a sport but don’t you have to start somewhere? Maybe there isn’t any scollarships in synchronized swimming for guys but I think it would be easier for them to start a new swimteam for men. This kind of thing really pisses me off! 


I know there are a lot of worse things like how some people handle afroamericans. I don’t know whats going on in theirs head but I’d really like to know what they thought of them. Afroamericans is exactly like others and just because of how our descendats handled the slaves in the southstates. I’ll just say one word. Awful. Thats what it is. It is freaking disgusting to know how we handle our fellows. It’s embarrassing is someone sees us. What if it really is life out in space who just laughs at us. Think of that.

I’m a Forever21 shopaholic!

26 04 2009

I always find too much stuff I love on The only thing is that it’s too expensive to ship it to Sweden. Like €80 just for that, I don’t think so. But i like to get inspiration and see whats coming to Sweden later.


Colorblock ruffled Dress, $24                 


Turqouise 2-in-1 dress, $25


White ruffled top with jewelry, $30                 Striped colorblock top, $18


As you can see, I like the ruffle trend. I think it’s gorgeous on all body types and there are so many different styles and models. Long, short, dresses, tops, tubetops, you name it! I really like the one with jewelry, I hope something like that will show up here!


24 04 2009

Today is the worldpremière of Green Day’s new video, for the single ‘Know Your Enemy’. MTV has played it several times all day and they have a special site just for Green Day! Click HERE. Check out the vid there!


22 04 2009

Beautiful underwear and nightwear makes you feel good even if noone else will see it. I like short nightdresses almost like a long tank. My favorite top I sleep in now is a ordianry grey tank with marked waist. I found it on the department for ordinary tops so it’s made in soft cotton. You can often find nightwear at different kind of departments then the lingerie. I’ll show you some items I like below.

40043_fr_l               40062_fr_l

Papay blaconette bra with matching briefs,      Underwear with blue print, La Perla,

Calven Klein, Bra: €42, Briefs: €25                         Bra: €190 Briefs: €110

40027_fr_l            36769_fr_l

Satin metallic chemise, Dolce &                Black see-through chemise, Stella

Gabbana, €260                                                 McCartney, €250

I’ve been waiting for so long!

21 04 2009

Green Day’s new CD is soon out in stores. It’ll arrive in may! I totally can’t wait. Last album was ‘American Idiot’ which was a hugh succes and I’m sure this one will be great too. Green Day never done anything bad…

Here ia an interview with the guys talking about 21th Century Breakdown.

Their new single ‘Know Your Enemy’!

Zimmermann Beachwear!

17 04 2009

I’m into Zimmermanns swim collection. I like all colors and cuts. They’re simple, summerish, stylish swimwear anyone can wear. I especially like those two things.

I love the top of this bikini and the color is just amazing. Don’t you also think so? If it wouldn’t be so expenisve I would really buy this one. Ohh, just look at the bow!


This ruffled silk dress made for the beach is something I like. I don’t have any beach dress but I will but one this season. Maybe not as expensive as this one, from H&M or T12 perhaps. I like the neckline and pattern of the dress. I like a lot of color in the summer. It’s the time of color.


You like fantastic good books? Me too!

15 04 2009

It was a while ago since I wrote but I’ve been away and I arrived at my place yesterday. The weather is warm and sunny at last and it’s just about 55 days until the long summerbreak (10 whole weeks!). Many gradituations, confirmations and weddings take place now. A good reson to wear lovely summerish dresses and shoes in bright colors. I would chose a coral or bright pink dress to this kind of events. I like coral a lot, I think it suits me well.


Anyway, have you read the successful ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’-books by Sophie Kinsella? They are really good (I bought the first three books last friday and I’ve read 2½!).  They’re about Rebecca Bloomwood whos a journalist at a economic paper called ‘Successful Savings’. She doesn’t earn too much money and she’s going to pay the pile of creditcard bills, but couldn’t she say she never got any bills? That’s the ultimate solution!

The book is much more than just boring workingdays and bills; her best friend Suze who has a whole box of KitKats live in the same apartment in Fulham and the arrogant guy Luke Brandon who gives Becky 20 pund for a wounderful silk and velvet ‘Denny & George’ scarf (It was to her sick aunt…). Well, you’ll see when you start reading it, because you will. It’s the most great chiclit series ever made. And the best thing, It’s a lot of books at least four (I don’t know exactly)


Things I like from Asos.

9 04 2009

At last the new fantastic weather is here. Lovely but I’m going to sit in a dark cinema watching Slumdog Millionaire. Everyone says it’s a great movie and it has got 8 oscars but most often I thinks those Oscard awarded movies suck. I might have to change my idea about that. We’ll see. Anyway, the spring has arrived and Easter is coming. Those two things make my mind go springolicous! I’ve found the most gorgeous items I want (I know I’m a window-shopaholic but thats not that bad…).

I love this bikini from Roxy but I want it in brown/green (there wasn’t any good pics). Roxy has always been my favorite swimwear brand and I cheack out their collection every year. It’s wounderful!


Hawaiian print bikini, Roxy, Top: $38 Hipster: $38

I actually never seen a top like this. I love the idea with black top and floral trims to neckline and red buttioms. It feels very summerish and freash.


Black tank, Ringspun, $39

I never heard of Ringspun before but I happily surprised. Their garments are great with freash ides and colors. One of my new faves, perhaps?

image1xl1 image2xl

Bandeau Dress with belt, Ringspun, $78

Jewelry from

5 04 2009

I like those bracelets with twisted in lether or suède and charms. They’re simple, stylsih and you can wear many at the ame time. I like bracelets most because my ears hurt when I wear earrings and I think neckleces are lovely but


Antracit grey bracelet with heart, Ms Bijoux, sek 79

I love Paris necklace (I, heart and eifeltower charm), Ms Bijoux, sek 139


Suède bracelet with Tree charm, Ms Bijoux, sek 89

Soundtrack 090402

2 04 2009

Welcome to the WorldKevin Rudolf
Right RoundFlo Rida
Let it RockKevin Rudolf

I’m very into Kevin Rudolf right now. I have his CD and I like it much. How you heard it? You must at least heard Let it Rock. The radio plays it all the time!