Soundtrack 29/9!

29 09 2008

I want to write a new soundtrack today. Right now I’m wathing the 2nd movie about Jason Bourne, The Bourne Supremacy.


Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day

Hey Ya – Outkast

Live Your Life – Rihanna

Tré Cool, Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day

Ole Henriksen!

26 09 2008

I like the prodtucts Ole Henriksen makes. They are faboulous and my skin looks great. Ole has a passion for beauty. He has so many celebrities that are coming to his spa in Los Angeles, ‘Ole Hentiksen Face/Body’, that Ole’s called ‘The Facialist of the stars’. Some famous names are Renée Zellweger, Ricky Martin and Cher. He has avocado, almond and hazelnuts in his creams. That makes the skin moist and elasticity.

Cleancer, African Red Tea, €55

Enzyme Mask for the Face, Blue/Blackberry, €50

Fresh Start Eye Cream, €57

White dresses

24 09 2008

A white dress is a safe card and it always works on parties, except weddings because white is the colors of the bride! Do never ever wear white on someone elses wedding! Otherwise you look great in white even if you’re not supertanned and it’s in the middel of the winter. If it is winter you can have a pair of tights under the dress. My favourite with dress right now is this dress with a square neckline. It has a lovely puffy skirt and I realy want it!

White dress,, $24.80

DJ AM and Barker are alright.

22 09 2008

As you maybe know Travis Barker from Blink 182 and DJ AM a.k.a Adam Goldstein, which is his real name,  crashed with their private jet in last weekend. They four other in the crew that were onboard didn’t survive the crash. Adam and Travis is on a hospital in Georgia with 2nd and 3rd degree of burninjuries. Dr. Fred Mullins expect them to be completly recoverd since they were healty and in good shape before the accident. Fred Mullins also read a statement from Adams and Travis families:

“The Familis would like to thank all fans that prayed for Travis and Adam. We’d like to give are deepest sympathy to family and friends of those who passed away in the crash.”

I hope Adam and Travis will get better soon and be recoverd and healty again!

Paul & Joe

20 09 2008

I like beautiful bottles and wrappings. I like to decorate my bathroom with cute lifsticks and nail polish in cute colors. Paul & Joe are experts on makeing cute wrappings and bottles. Their make-up is fenomelnal too. Here’s my favorites!



Concealer, £9 (on sale!)                          Foundation Primer, £20


Lipgloss, Color: Icing, £14                    Nail polish, Color: Sugar Pink, £9

I want!

20 09 2008

I want this CD really badly!


19 09 2008

I saw this top at Bik Bok today. I like it! I think I gonna buy it later.

Top, Bik Bok, €20