I was in the city today…

26 04 2008

… And I bought much things. I really gorgeous bikini I think its a pic if you scroll down. A white top white buttoms and a “belt” in the waist. Here’s a pic:

Im gonna wear it on our african dance on wednesday.

I also bought a gray tank top and a pair of C-H-E-A-P sunglasses.





Cute tops

22 04 2008

Hi, I found those tops on intrnet today. The first is a tank top from www.laredoute.se The site is also available in France, US etc. etc. The second is a gray sweater, as is more low-cut than normal, from www.hm.com This site is also available in many many many many countries. BTW, I love to train, especially when I run, in that sweater. Buy it now and you’ll be happy for a long time!

From LaRedoute

From H&M




19 04 2008

Its been awesomeish weather today. Im sittin in my shorts and t-shirt outside and try to get some kind of tan… Then I realized that I need a new bikini and a pair of sun glasses. So I ran inside to take my laptop otside again to try to find it. And I succed!

This is a realy gorgeous bikini from www.stadium.se It cost 298kr = $42 so it’s cheap.

I also found this sunglasses in Pilot style. They cost 189kr and that’s $31.





Nanne Grönvall sings “American Idiot”

11 04 2008

A famous swedish siger named Nanne Grönvall sang “American Idiot” (Green Day) on a TV-Show called “Så ska det låta” and that would be “It should sound like that” in english if I translate it fast. Here is a clip


http://svt.se/svt/play/video.jsp?a=1108831  <– CLICK THERE TO SEE THE CLIP!!!



I also saw Heidi Klum in this awesome dress in silver. Really nice. I also like the shoes she matches the dress with!




Heidi Klum



8 04 2008

Today I’m really sick again. I just want to sleep in 2 weeks. I watch Dicovery Channel, American Choppers, very fun…

Anyway here’s a pair of shoes in “Lollipop Pink” and a top in Gray.