WMA Dresses!

16 09 2009

Once again there was a big award and countless number of gorgeous (and disgustingly ugly) dresses. I’ve got the best ones below.


Beyoncé definitely looked best in her red minidress. I love her bangles also.

1252912831145_KristinCavallari1        LadyGaGa1

Kristin Cavallari wore a metallic       Lady GaGa is spectacular as always

dress and black heels. I think she       but her neck seems to be broken.

should have worn a necklace also.     Her face is also very stiff.

KeriHilson1         SolangeKnowles2

Keri Hilson disn’t wear a dress but       Solange Knowles wore a black

with a great body as hers she looked   dress with origami inspired

dashing in a black jumpsuit. Plus          shoulder. Lovely!

that her haircut really fits her!

1252912897057_LeightonMeester2        LeightonMeester1

Leighton Meester’s dress wasn’t 

anything extraordinary but I

love her make-up!

TaylorSwift2         WhitneyPort

Taylor Swift shows her tall body        Whitney Port in a think, black

in a metallic gown. Perfect for her!    frail looking dress matched with

                                                                            rough boots.

Pink1        1252913903892_shakira1

Pink and Shakira appeard in the same dress but matched different

ways. Pink wore ordinary black heels and Shakira went for black

over-knee leather boots. Who wore it best? I’ll vote for Shakira.

GreenDay        ChaceCrawford

The Punktrio Green Day wore ties,       Chace Crawford showed up down

animal prints and leather jackets.          dressed but still stylish in black

They’re rockers all the way through!      suit and white shirt. God job!


About the Kanye West incident, what he did was totally wrong, even though I think Beyonce deserved it better. did you see Taylors face? I thought she was going to cry! Thank god that the audience had some empathy and cheered her up!


Lady Gaga Fashion.

30 03 2009

Lady GaGa’s style is different, either you love it or hate it. I personally think it’s awesome and she’s cool but I wouldn’t wear it myself because I’m a weak person and don’t want to stick out of the bunch too much. I like her leather dresses and outfits and her body and self-confidence is great so she wears it with pride.

gaga121              1237554246809_gaga4

This dress is something I would              This is a wierdo outfit but I kind

wear. I think it’s gorgeous and               of show us her personality. Crazy

I’m in love with the bow. Her                   but a business woman. The color

hair is really hot here. The bow             of the skirt is ghastly but I like it anyway.

thing she’s been wearing several           

times isn’t ordinary.              

1237554237435_gaga22           1237554262981_gaga7

This shiney leather suit is strange         I like this origami-japaneese-inspired

but with the belt and sccessoaries        dress she also has in black and gold.

it looks very good. Notice to hair-bow  Her make-up is wounderful and

she’s wearing again. It’s unique!                  natrually.

1st December!

1 12 2008

Do you have a chocolatecalendar? What did the first piece taste like? I guess I’m too old for it but I love them! A chocolate piece everyday until christmas eve! My calendar is french xD



Britney Spears – Toxic

Beyoncé – If I Were a Boy

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Britney Spears – Womanizer


Britney Spears