X-mas gifts!

28 12 2008

What did you get for christmas? I got a Swatch-watch from the latest 007-collection, a white tank top with print, a cardcase, a big black bag with a bow and a phone. I really likes the “Kobra”-phone because it was an old  model but new design.


This is my phone but in black.  I love it!


I also liked by black bag. It was a XL-bag with a really big bow. It was quite cheap from Lindex. I may gonna use it to the gym with my clothes in it (I have like 200 bags…). I don’t klnow yet, we’ll see.

Did you get anything you really wanted for christmas? Tell me!

Marry Christmas!

24 12 2008

I wanna wish all my readers a Marry Christmas! I hope you’ll have a wounderful christmas-weekend!

Have you got any gifts yet? I’ve got a pair of Nike socker, and santa made in chocolate and giftcard to our local cinema! Thanks!

Celebs also do Christmas shopping!

23 12 2008

Everyone need to do some shopping for christmas. Either at internet, on a trip or in a local shopping mall. Celebrities also have to do shopping to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. I’ve got the pics!!


Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag are shopping (not right now though…). I love Heidis yellow heels!


Nicky Hilton was walking around on the streets in LA.


Lily Allen in a shopping mall. Love that she wears a red clutch to a whole black outfit! It’s fabulous and I wish her wrists all luck in the world…


Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera are doing some shoppinga beautiful day in December!


Kate Moss has a hard time chosing a gift for someone. (???)

Chocolate and raspberry scones!

23 12 2008


If you’re having an english breakfast you have to make this bread. It’s so good!

8 port.

You need:

8 dl flour
0.5 teaspoon salt
1.5 teaspoon baking powder
0.5 dl brown sugar
125 g cold butter
1 egg
2 dl milk
100g chopped dark chocolate (70%)
150g  deep frozen raspberries (has to be frozen when you put it in the mixture)

Do it:

  1. Mix flour, salt, baking powder and sugar together  in a bowl.
  2. Put the butter in it and mix it.
  3. Whip egg and milk and then put chocolade in the eggmix.
  4. Mix the fluid and the flour to a dough.
  5. Put raspberries carefully in the dough. Try not to break them!
  6. Make a round cake, about 3cm thick, on a table with flour. It use to be around 2-4 cakes.
  7. Put them on a baking plate and bake it in 250 degrees for about 10 mins until they’ve got a nice brown color!
  8. EAT IT!

Red like Santa!

23 12 2008

On christmas you may want to dress in red. I think red is like the color of christmas. And maybe green to. Anyway, many stars dresses in red. And they also fit in the color.




amanda-bynes          annafaris

Amanda Bynes in a black dress and      Anna Faris in a red Hérvé Léger Dress.

red cardigan. I totally love the                 and Christian Louboutin shoes.

edgy heels she’s wearing!

lauren-conrad            mischa-barton

Lauren Conrad in a supercute red dress     Mischa Barton wears a red dress with

and gorgeous shoes. The cardigan is also   roses. It would be perfect to wear a dress

cute but not with the dress. It would fit      like that with tight on christmas eve.

perfect to ordinary jeans.

olga-kurylenkova            nathalie-portman

The Bond-girl Olga Kurylenko wears a       Natalie Portman in a dress I waaaant!

long red sophisticated dress on the            I love the whole creathion with flounces

red carpet.                                                             and flat shoes. Itäs just great!

AMA 2008 (I said sequins were in!)

21 12 2008

I’m late to show The American Music Awards best dressed ladies 2008. But better now than never! We saw lots of sequins and many wierd outfits but Ive chosen the best of the best!


Miley Cyrus in a cute black and golden creation with sequins. She match it with a pair of simple high hells and a few accessoaries. Good Job!


If someone is supposed to describe this dress, Ashley Tisdale‘s wearing,  and you havn’e seen it you may think it’s to much. It is not! This is absolutely perfect mix of fabrics, colors and pattern. A black shirt under the whole thing with a grey/pink pabric wrapped around it and some lace just on top of the dress. Gorgeous!


Alicia Keys was wearing a sophisticated long dark blue dress which is showing one of her shoulder. Very in! I love the strings of silver sequins.



Rihanna was the queen of the night but this dress is horrible! Why are you wearing my grandma’s curtains? And why did you steal the waiters gloves? You can do it much better Rihanna!


I thought ýou were so cute when you sang ‘Bubbly’. Where did you get this dress, Colbie Caillat? It has a ghastly décolletage and terrible green color. And white bags are aweful. They look so cute on the shelf in the store. BUt when you’ve bought it, they suddenly looks frightful! Never buy a white clutch/bag again! NEVER!


21 12 2008

It’s christmas soon, only three days left! But I’m stressed (hmm, okey, really I’m not…) I haven’t bought all gifts yet. I need a cheap gift for my daddy. Do you have any suggestions? What have you bought for your dads? I bet you all have something really awesome to your daddies! 😀 😀


18 12 2008

Now it’s just 6 days until it’s christmas eve! I can’t believe it, I hvaen’t felt it yet. I’ve at least bought a bunch of really good gifts; a game for my bro, a shirt + tie for my dad, a soda streamer for mum and loads of more great things to my friends. I hope I’ll get a watch and cardcase. Then I’m happy!


Oh! Gravity – Switchfoot
Whatsername – Green Day
Radar – Britney Spears


15 12 2008

I like necklaces because everyone sees them around your neck in the front. The first necklace’s from Friis & Company and I like it very much. I own one of them and I use often. It fits to many different outfits because of  it’s color.


Black and silver necklace from Friis & Company


This necklace has a ball in silver with a Peace & Love print. The ball is attached the a ring in silver. I also like the small star. It makes it look a whole lot different! Hultquist Copenhagen has made this necklance.

12 12 2008

Hi! It’s snowing outside right now and I feel like I’m living in northern Russia or something. It’s so freaking cold! So I try to warm myself up inside out with a cup of hot chocolate. Delicious! I also get warmer when I found cheap stuff I want! Well, I like expensive stuff too but I can’t always buy it. I’m just looking!




Cheap dress from Forever21, $21


Supercute black and white dress with a belt, Stylebystars.com, $35