LaRok sale at!

31 03 2009

There’s an sale on LaRok at today. Hurry up because their garments are gorgeous and the sale is short!

asymmetrical-bow-top-75             keyholes-down-front-back-9920

Green Asymmetrical bow top,                  Black cocktail dress with keyholes

LaRok, $75                                             down front and back, LaRok, $99,20

larok-scroll-skirt-7920             motorcycle-jacet-zipper-front-131

Skirt with striped black and white          Motorcycle jacket with zipper front

striped waistband, LaRok, $79,20        and pockets, LaRok, $131

ruffled-zipper-detial-city-tank-51                 strapless-formfitting-dress-v-split-at-top

White ruffled top with zipper detial          Multicolored strapless form-fitting dress

in the front, LaRok, $51                                dress with V-split at top, LaRok, $120

Lady Gaga Fashion.

30 03 2009

Lady GaGa’s style is different, either you love it or hate it. I personally think it’s awesome and she’s cool but I wouldn’t wear it myself because I’m a weak person and don’t want to stick out of the bunch too much. I like her leather dresses and outfits and her body and self-confidence is great so she wears it with pride.

gaga121              1237554246809_gaga4

This dress is something I would              This is a wierdo outfit but I kind

wear. I think it’s gorgeous and               of show us her personality. Crazy

I’m in love with the bow. Her                   but a business woman. The color

hair is really hot here. The bow             of the skirt is ghastly but I like it anyway.

thing she’s been wearing several           

times isn’t ordinary.              

1237554237435_gaga22           1237554262981_gaga7

This shiney leather suit is strange         I like this origami-japaneese-inspired

but with the belt and sccessoaries        dress she also has in black and gold.

it looks very good. Notice to hair-bow  Her make-up is wounderful and

she’s wearing again. It’s unique!                  natrually.


27 03 2009

Coral is my new fave color. Well, I do have a new almost every other week but coral is really cute in the summer. Though the summer isn’t here yet (I woke up today and guess what I saw? snow. I saw snow. I want to cry now!) I like to window shop new summerlothes. I great at window shopping, I ‘d definitley qualify to the olympics. Back to the subject, I think coral’s very fresh and I can’t get enough of coral nailpolish.


Coral bandeau dress with bow, Asos petite, £32


I switch between these two colors coral and some raspberry pink, Asos, £12


This is really pretty. Imagine to match this

with the coral nailpolish. Wounderful! Coral

high-waisted skirt, Asos, £24.50

My fave spring clothes!

22 03 2009

Spring is here at last! Or maybe not for all but hold on – It will come soon! I’m in the mood for celebrating stuff today so let’s celebrate spring with me showing all my fave items for spring! Excited? 😀

I love this tee from Pepe Jeans. I actually think t-shirts are a great way of expressing yourself. This may not be that kind of tee but I like all the colors. At lest I think I do fit in colorful clothes, but I don’t know 😉


Colorful tee, Pepe Jeans, £47.50

The vest below is from Asos own brand. I like the necklinf of this garment and the print does kind of express who I am. Cute with fashionsense but with a punky side deep in me.  


Floral Skull Vest,, £16.00

This is a pair of Jeans Leggins from Vila. I own one pair of them and I actually wear them right now. They’re very soft and comfortable and they really look like jeans because they have pockets, zipper and buttoms.


Jeans Leggings, Vila, £28.00

I’m definitley buying this skirt. Forget all other skirts I said I love. This is the one. All my favorite colors – Purple, Coral and Black (I love black clothes, It’s sophisticated.). Bubble skirts fits almost everyone and this is made in silk!


Bubble skirt in silk, Asos, £29.50

These are not my very favorite shorts but I’d like to have them and I would wear them until the were trash. I like the ripped thing. They also have paint splatter. Two trends in one – Ripped with paint slatter.


Jeans Shorts,, $17.80

I like this black cut-out dress. It isn’t too low-cut and indecent and when you thought of these few thing it’s a very useful dress. Okey, it’s black so you can’t vear it to a wedding (black is the color of sorrow…), but to anything else you’ll lok hot, either with the purple flats below or the heels, in this outfit. Promise.

image2xl o

Black cut-out dress,, £37.50

You’ll think what the freaking f-ing hell did she think now? But these satin flats are stretchy so they’ll fit perfectly. Since I love purple (you’ve noticed, huh?) these are high on my I’d-like-to-have-list!  In the spring and early summer there’s a lot of parties and things to celebrate – Wedding, graduations and of course birthdays. You’ll need one pair of stylish flats and one pair more bold heels.


Purple satin flats,, £18.80

I like zippers on shoes. I gives them a rough look. Also, if you’re just buying a few pair of shoes – Buy black heels. You can wear them to anything. You maybe don’t want to wear cobaly blue or lime green shoes to a stylish dress…


Peep-toe heel with zip-front,, £34.50

Lanvin Dress

20 03 2009

I love the purple Lanvin dress Isla Fisher wore in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. She wore it in the interview scene with a morning-news-show. Isla does really fit perfectly in purple. She’s lovely! What do you think?


Isla Fisher in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ wearinga beautiful Lanvin dress.


17 03 2009

I bought this lovely gladiators from It’s a zipper on the front so they are very easy to put on because there’re no buckles or buttoms. They’re made in fake leather. I also do like wedge heels. They don’t seem too be very high but you get taller so I think you seem taller. I don’t know id you’ll get that… 😉 They heel’s 4.5 cm.


Black gladiators with wedge heel,, 349kr


15 03 2009

Look what I bought last friday! I found the most gorgeous wallet ever. It’s pretty big so I can use it as a clutch too. It’s a zipper and inside there’s many pockets for credicards, coins and bills. It was cheap so you can really call this a good find! I found it at H&M for €10


Black wallet, H&M, €10