13 09 2009

I’ve done some shopping at today. I bought bangles from Lipsy (I love that deep blue color), silver party dress and another two lipsy dresses (god, I love Lipsy!). You see how the bangles match with the dress? I didn’t thought of it until now. I gotto go and find some heels in the same color and then my outfit’s done for my friends birthday(going-out-clubbin)party next saturday.

image1xl  image1xl

    Lipsy Bangles                                                            Silver dress/tank from Asos.

image1xlk  image1xl

Two wounderful dresses from Lipsy (I like colorful items… ^^)


I just had dinner so I’m going to take a peice of real American apple Pie I made yesterday. It’s delicious. I think my friend and I are going to the movies later this night. We’ll see what happens. See ya.

True Style Icon

7 09 2009

She has been through a lot of stuff. She is young. She’s amazing and a good role model in my point of view. She has a fabulous fashion sense. She is gorgeous. She changes her hair cut, like, every day. I love her music. Do you know who I mean?





Of course, it’s Rihanna!

Have you seen anyone else with that kind of style? She always looks stylish and cute. The latest pics I saw of her was at Six Flags just after she bought her new house (which is ginormous) in Beverly Hills. She wore black clothes but she added color using a bandana and jewelry. Also, on stage when she sue black leather clothes and over-knee boots she looks stunning because of her body, which is perfect. She trains a lot and she looks healthy and normal. Superskinny and weird diets are out! Kate Moss once said that ‘She’s proud of being a real woman at last’. That’s what we like to hear.

Rihanna 1252054755090_rihanna210 hus21

Kitson Jewelry

2 09 2009

I like the Jewelry from Kitson. When I wear an outfit without colors, it might be gray and black clothes which I like to match, I like to add some color using bracelets. That’s why I love Kitson because their bracelets are so colorful! I just want them all. You’ll find my faves below.


Multi-Colored Charm Bracelet, Kitson, $28


Kitson LA Star bangles, $68 (I like the orange best!)


VIP-bracelets, Kitson, $43 (Give me the pink one, please)

Jewelry from

5 04 2009

I like those bracelets with twisted in lether or suède and charms. They’re simple, stylsih and you can wear many at the ame time. I like bracelets most because my ears hurt when I wear earrings and I think neckleces are lovely but


Antracit grey bracelet with heart, Ms Bijoux, sek 79

I love Paris necklace (I, heart and eifeltower charm), Ms Bijoux, sek 139


Suède bracelet with Tree charm, Ms Bijoux, sek 89


15 12 2008

I like necklaces because everyone sees them around your neck in the front. The first necklace’s from Friis & Company and I like it very much. I own one of them and I use often. It fits to many different outfits because of  it’s color.


Black and silver necklace from Friis & Company


This necklace has a ball in silver with a Peace & Love print. The ball is attached the a ring in silver. I also like the small star. It makes it look a whole lot different! Hultquist Copenhagen has made this necklance.

James Bond – Quantum of Solace

11 11 2008

Have you seen the new Bond movie? I have and I thought it was a great movie. It had a budget on 230 million dollars! The movie was about that Bond wanted revenge for Vesper Lynds (The bond girl in Casino Royale) death. He gets some clues that leads to Mr Greene. When he’s looking for Mr Greene he happend to meet Camille. She’ll also remove Greene from the planet…

James Bond – Daniel Craig


Daniel Wroughton Craig wich is his whole name was born in March 2nd 1968 in Chester, England. He have been an actor since 1992 but he’s most famous for being the 6th James Bond actor. !992 he married the scottish actress Fiona Loudon. Thay have a doughter together called Ella. Daniel and Fiona divorced in 1994. After that he had a seven year long relationship with a german actress called Heike Makatsch. Craig paid £4 million for an apartment near Regents Park in London. Daniel is a fan of the football club Liverpool FC.

Camille – Olga Kurylenko


Olga’s from Ukraine and she was born November 14th 1979. Olgas parents divorced when she was three years old. She didn’t meet her dad much since then. In 2000 Kurylenko married a french fashion fotographer called Cedric van Mol. They divorced four years later. In 2006 she married an American mobile phone accessory entrepreneur namned, Damian Gabriel Neufeld. They also divorced in late 2007.

The 28 year old acter is also an model. He modeling career has been great. When she was 18 she already had appeard on Vouge and Elle’s covers. She has dark brown hair, green eyes and she measures 177cm above the sea.

 To every movie there’re a Bond Song. In Quantum of Solace, Jack White and Alicia Keys had the hounor to make the song. It’s called ‘Another Way To Die’. Here’s a link to the vid.



Dress Like Them!


To get the Jeames Bond look you need:


*Black suit, Hugo Boss, $695


*White Shirt, Dolce & Gabbana, $265 *Black leather shoes, Prada, $470



*Big watch in steel, Omega, price unknown



*Black Dress, Notte by Marchesa, $725 *Black high heels, Christian Louboutin, $555


* Golden Necklace, Tuleste Market, $140


 *Evening Bag made in Satin, Jimmy Choo, $1440

Rings I want!

3 10 2008

I like to wear a ring on my finger. I have many different in different colors. But I never wear rings and a braclet on the same time because I think it’s too much. Remeber LESS IS MORE!

Ring with a brown big stone,, $20

Ring with purple stone,, $11

Silver ring with with stone (my favorite!),, $14

Gossip Girl Fashion

15 08 2008

The new SATC-girls from Gossip Girl has a preppy-sailor-chic style in the TV-show. And I doesn’t always like it but most of the time! But in real life its different, cofortable and stylish. Here’s a pic of Taylor Momsen and Leighton Meester.


*Scarf, BlueFox, 199kr ($31)


*Leather Jacket, H&M, 998kr ($159)

*Tank Top,, £6


*Cardigan, Joie, $118

* Gray Dress,, €39

*Bag, Chanel


29 03 2008

My friend is really good to take good photos. Here is a link the her album www.

All photos is awesome and I don’t understand how she is doin it! Here is two photos from her page.

love_is_not_a_game_by_stolentime.jpg    jewlery_by_stolentime.jpg

Good isn’t it?!?


Color. Red or dead?

7 02 2008

Red or dead?

1. Blue top, made in silk, 30 euro

2. Red braclet, 10 euro

3. Blue belt, 14 euro

4. Yellow handbag (small!!!), 11 euro

5. Black and white braclets,  10 euro each

6 & 7. Bikini, 19 euro 

Everything’s from