Studded Ancle Boots!

29 07 2009

I love all kinds of studded ancle boots. I think it’s best with a thicker heels and when it’s made in leather. Otherwise you get soaked! I always wondred why they keep making winterboots in suede. Are they dumbasses? Well, I saw a pair I really liked at Asos, but isn’t it suede? It says it’s leather but suede is leather with napped surface. Now I really start wondering about that dumbass thing…!


Studded Ancle Boot, Asos, $135

Kate Moss for Topshop.

27 07 2009

Topshop is a fabulous store which mix cheap and pretty expensive clothes. I mostly like their party tops, dresses and high heels. But since Kate Moss started to design for them I went to Topshop more. I’ll show my favorites from her collection in this post.


1. Light Pink dress with wonderful back, Kate Moss for Topshop, $560

2. Red halter neck sundress with empire waist, Kate Moss for Topshop, $90

3. Ripped Denim shorts. Kate Moss for Topshop, $50

4. Gorgeous yellow Cami Top with lace, Kate Moss for Topshop, $70

5. Brown swirl bikini, Kate Moss for Topshop, $60

Bianco shoes.

26 07 2009

Bianco is one of my favorite places to shop shoes. They look like a piece of art and they aren’t pricey. I also like that they have everything from sneakers to heels that would work on the red carpet.

450 dkk

Since this is a shoe with peep-toe, wear naipolish. I think it would be best with black.

Purple Heels with rose, Bianco, $85

400 dkk

I would wear this kind of sleek stilettos to a really glamorous dress, like a prom dress. It’ll look better than the purple or black heels because they’re so bold.

   Metallic Heel with Bow, Bianco, $75

700dkk  450dk

Black Gladiator with lovely                        Black platform Heel with ‘diamonds’ and the

details, Bianco, $130                               heel, Bianco, £85

Herve Leger dresses are the best!

22 07 2009

I love Herve Leger-dresses because of their design and amazing fitting. They make your body look wounderful and they’re always stylish and sophisticated. An Herve Leger dress is a good investment, you can wear it for a long time since it won’t be out of fashion for a while. Hautelook have and Herve Leger sale right now ( it ends in 36h 1min and 5sec when I wrote this… Hurry up!) and it’s definitely worth a look since I saw that it was 65& off on gorgeous dresses!


        Strapless blue and white dress with     Teal dress with zipper front, Herve

        stripes, Herve Leger, $557                    Leger, $487


I also read a superb book called ‘Celebutantes‘ by Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Hopper. Really good book about celebs, Hollywood and fashion! I think you would like it. 🙂