Copy Victorias Style!

31 08 2008

The fashionista Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham has made it really good here! With her high-waisted skirt, brown belt and white shirt she looks gorgeous!


                                                       Shirt, Miu Miu, €180











Brown Belt, Marni, €260






White Clutch, Mogil, €83









Red Skirt,, €64









Brown Gladiator Wedge,, €62

Michael Jackson 50 Years!

29 08 2008

As many of you already know, I guess, it’s a special day today. It’s the music phenomenon Michael Jackson celebrates his 50th birthday today. In 1963 Micheal started his career in the band ‘Jackson Five’ there the five members came from the Jackson family – Michael, Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie and Tito. Michaels album ‘Thriller’ have sold more than 104 million copies in 2006. They talk a lot about him in the tabloids, much about that he is accused for sexual assault on a child but also that he has turn from having black skin to white. He says that he have a disease called Vitiligo. It’s caused of mental problem and it makes your pigment disappear and you’ll turn white.

I wish you a Happy Birthday, Michael!

The iPhone-Girl

28 08 2008

Have you heard about the mysterious iPhone-girl? Well, I’ll tell you know. A british man found two pictures of a smiling Chinese girl with pink and white working-clothes and four of the Apple factory she worked in. Ever since the man uploaded the photographs on internet, the whole world’s talking about her. The factory knows who she is and where she works. They think she tested the camera and forgot to delete the photos. The girl’s also afraid of getting fired since the pohots are on the internet but she’s not gonna loose it – The director says that it’s and human mistake.

Andreas Thorkildsen!

27 08 2008

Andreas Thorkildsen – A very hot Javelin thrower from Norway. The name Andreas means “Strong”, and if you can do the Iron Cross you are strong! The 190cm guy with an angels face is 26 years old and born 1st April 1982 in Kristiansand, Norway. But now he’s living in Oslo, the capital of Norway. His personal best is 91,59m but to win the gold medal in the Olympics in Beijing 2008 he throwed 90,57m (olympic record). He’s born with javelin throwing blood in his veins – His father, Tomm Thorkildsen is also a Javelin Thrower and he throwed 71,64 in 1974. Tomm was Andreas personal coach until 2001 when he moved to Oslo. His coach now is named Åsmund Martinsen.

 – Again

25 08 2008

Yes, I love their sales. I found this tank with a green flower print. It has a lace on the cheast and the straps – Very in!

Jet,, $26

Huston we got a problem!

23 08 2008

No, we don’t  😉  But here’s a dress I want to buy. It comes from Mina UK and it’s made in 100% Cotton. You can find it at It costs about 119 dollars.

Dress with print, $119


22 08 2008

Trenchcoats are good to wear in the fall or spring when it’s not warm enough to don’t wear jeackets. Beige, black, white or whatever it’s good-looking anyway!

Beige Trenchcoat, Burberry, $1036

Black Coat from Cole Haan, $299

Nailpolish for cars?

21 08 2008

Hehe… I found those gorgeous nailpolishes named after different cars. Like Mustang and Stingray. I like Mustang and Rambler best but I think the funniest was wax. A see-through polish with the same effect as wax for a car…

The all cost $9 each and you send them a mail to buy it.

Black lace and Bows

19 08 2008

Black, bows and laces are three big trends this fall. Even better is a black piece of clothing with laces and a bow. Like this dress from Valentino,

Dress from Valentino

But if you don’t find anything with laces you can waer a dress without it. I like this dress from YSl

Black dress with a bow, YSL, $1630

Going for a Travel?

18 08 2008

If you’re going for a travel you probably need a suitcase. Match your plane outfit with a nice suitcase and you’ll look great!

Golden Bag, Bottega Veneta, $4350

Trolley with Leopard pattern, YSL, $3595