20 things to choose between

[x] Strawberries or Raspberry [ ]

[ ] Fanta or Coke [x]

[ ] Skirt or Shorts [x]

[x] Tennis or Badminton [ ]

[ ] Beckham or Torres [x]

[ ] Black or White [x]

 [x] Christmas or Birthday [ ]

[x] Beach or Shopping Mall [x]

[x] Euro 2008 or World Cup 2010 [ ]

 [x] New York or Las Vegas [ ]

7 responses

5 03 2008


24 09 2008

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30 12 2008

I love your blog and continous reviews of great deals and super finds. I love how you never seem to run out of things to tell your viewers about.. Your site has truly lived up to its name !

Would love for you to take a look at my new store and give us a review.. We are just in our first year and getting our name out there is hard.. ! We think we have a good line and selection of items at great prices.. Let us know what you think !

Thanks.. Melissa
Owner – Oh What A Night online

13 06 2009

Hey. I love your website! It’s awesome! Thanks for updating your website alot. I love that peace sign bikkini! I would get it if I hadn’t already bought mine! Lol. Bye.

16 06 2009

Hi! It’s always encouraging to hear that kind of stuff. Thanks, I appreciate it 🙂

10 12 2009
Michael Dengwani

Please email me your catalogues and contact details because i want to buy the suits.

17 05 2010
Mrs Katy Perry

I cant subscribe to your feed! Which really sucks, cos I love your blog!

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