‘Cause you had a bad day…

8 09 2009



Today I’ve been in school. It’s been a normal boring day. You know when you just wanna grow up, move out, get a job and get a life? I had one of those days today. I read a blog about a girl named Kenzas. She seem to have great life. She is 306341_737_484_118, she had a lot of good friends before she got rich and well-known by blogging and now she has this crazy job at MTV. She is also a model because she is so damn pretty. If I would be a guy, oh my god… Okay, just telling 😉 Anyway, she has great sense of style and she takes gorgeous pics. A couple of months ago she took these beautiful pics for Cafe Magazine. I really think she’s a good role model (god, I’m talking lots about role models these days), she’s down-to-earth, she doesn’t drink too much, she truly appreciate all opportunities she got by start blogging (MTV jobs, modeling jobs and so on.). That’s the kind of girls I like.

I also consider myself as a good role model. Many people dislike me just because of my confidence even though I’m not rude. That’s something I don’t understand. Why don’t you just wish me luck instead of picking on me?I learned to not care about it but I know why there’s still wars in the world. It’s all those small things which just leads to problems and people getting annoyed with each other. Stop with it! You see how I wrote about the girl Kenza? If she ever reads it I think it’s going to kind of make her day, you know. A kind word, text or anything can lift people above the sky for days! Think about that next time you’re talking shit behind your friends back.

Can you trust a friend you know talked shit about you or lied to you? If your best friends let you down once and you forgave her/him, how do you know she/he isn’t going to do it agian? Extacly, you’ll have some problems trusting that person. That’s why we shouldn’t talk about other people (okey, you can say anything really positive) when they’re not with you. I know that everyone says dumb thing sometimes and I also do. But I try to not do it, and if you do try to not say anything it’ll owrk. I promise.



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