26 08 2009

Hello sunshines!

Right now I’m watching ‘What Happens in Vegas’ with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. I just totally love that movie. I’ve seen it more than 10 times and I even know the lines á la ‘I am Ledgend’. I actually think it’s kind of freaky when Will Smith knows everything they’re saying in ‘Shrek’ and that’s exactly what my friends think of me 😉

Today I’m wearing

*Jeans leggings from Vila

*White Top from Ichi

*Grey Cardigan from Zara

*White Sneakers from Kawasaki


I like this style a lot since it’s dressy but at the same time a good outfit for school. What do you use to wear to school? Do you have uniforms? Do you need to wear the ‘right’ labes?

As you can see, my clothes arn’t expensive, I buy a lot of clothes instead. My closet’s  filled with stuff, Í don’t even use some thing anymore because I don’t like it and so on. But it’s okey since I didn’t have to take a loan to buy it…

Kate Moss for Topshop.

27 07 2009

Topshop is a fabulous store which mix cheap and pretty expensive clothes. I mostly like their party tops, dresses and high heels. But since Kate Moss started to design for them I went to Topshop more. I’ll show my favorites from her collection in this post.


1. Light Pink dress with wonderful back, Kate Moss for Topshop, $560

2. Red halter neck sundress with empire waist, Kate Moss for Topshop, $90

3. Ripped Denim shorts. Kate Moss for Topshop, $50

4. Gorgeous yellow Cami Top with lace, Kate Moss for Topshop, $70

5. Brown swirl bikini, Kate Moss for Topshop, $60


27 05 2009

Now it’s summer temperatures here in Sweden (at last!!). We walk around in shorts and t-shirts, maybe a cardigan if it’s windy or a bit cold. I’ve used my favorite gladiatorshoes so many times already, I just love them! My favorite outfit in the summer is a pair of jeansshorts, a thin white shirt with long sleeves and sandals. I know it sounds wierd with the long sleeved thing, but if it’s made in a thin fabric it looks awesome and summerish. The shirt can have a marine touch because it’s always freash. I like a top I saw at Gina Tricot. It was long sleeved with yellow stripes and small buttoms at one shoulder. Very pretty. The coise of shoes depends on where you’re going. If your about to party you might want to wear heels and for a sightseeing in the city you might wanna wear flats. I’ll show two pair of shoes for this outfit because of that. I think a pair of a little bit more rough shoes fits to this outfit. I thinks it gets to pretty otherwise.

I didn’t find the yellow one on the internet but it’s the same top but in blue, below.


Top with yellow (blue) stripes, Gina Tricot.

If you have a shirt in a light color you can wear darker shorts. It gives your outfit an edgy look.


Shorts in dark denim, Gio Goi, $70

I love these gladiator inspired heels. I have a pair just like them!

image1xl  image3xl

Black gladiator inspired heels in leather, Asos.com, $100

These shoes below is both gorgeous, well-ittinga and comfortable. I know beacouse I do actally own a piar of them. I like shoes with punky details.


Gladiator shoes, Asos.com, $50


Well, I got to go. I have a gymclass booked at 15.30. See you all later!

I’m a Forever21 shopaholic!

26 04 2009

I always find too much stuff I love on www.forever21.com. The only thing is that it’s too expensive to ship it to Sweden. Like €80 just for that, I don’t think so. But i like to get inspiration and see whats coming to Sweden later.


Colorblock ruffled Dress, $24                 


Turqouise 2-in-1 dress, $25


White ruffled top with jewelry, $30                 Striped colorblock top, $18


As you can see, I like the ruffle trend. I think it’s gorgeous on all body types and there are so many different styles and models. Long, short, dresses, tops, tubetops, you name it! I really like the one with jewelry, I hope something like that will show up here!

LaRok sale at Hautelook.com!

31 03 2009

There’s an sale on LaRok at www.hautelook.com today. Hurry up because their garments are gorgeous and the sale is short!

asymmetrical-bow-top-75             keyholes-down-front-back-9920

Green Asymmetrical bow top,                  Black cocktail dress with keyholes

LaRok, $75                                             down front and back, LaRok, $99,20

larok-scroll-skirt-7920             motorcycle-jacet-zipper-front-131

Skirt with striped black and white          Motorcycle jacket with zipper front

striped waistband, LaRok, $79,20        and pockets, LaRok, $131

ruffled-zipper-detial-city-tank-51                 strapless-formfitting-dress-v-split-at-top

White ruffled top with zipper detial          Multicolored strapless form-fitting dress

in the front, LaRok, $51                                dress with V-split at top, LaRok, $120

I <3 Yellow!

21 01 2009

Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I like yellow accessoaries because I don’t dress very well in yellow garments. I look too pale 😉 (the only yellow thing I can wear is bikinis and swimsuits.) But to have a yellow bag, shoes or earrings can make a whole outfit look much better!

38796_in_l       38195_in_l

Yellow Bag, Jimmy Choo, $850           Bandeau Bikini, Shay Todd, $225

37476_bk_l       31384_in_l

Bracelet, Roberto Cavalli, $350    Embroidred top, Catherine Malandrino, $260

49051_in_l                  37793_in_l

Sunglasses, Carrera, $125                     Peep-toe Pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $440

Kling – The Spanish Brand.

11 01 2009

Kling is one of my favorie brand. It’s cheap and they mix girlt, old, comfteble and stylish at the same time. Me like! The brand is spanish and it has alredy made succes there. I’ll show you the best parts of their collection.


prod_2187_bm                   prod_2157_bm

Green/White/black jersey top, € 29.90      Blue/Creme/Grey dress in different fabrics, € 36.90.

prod_2175_bm                prod_2050_bm1

I love teal! Top with buttoms, € 25.90    Top with flower print and bow, € 25,90

Top fron Forever21.com

29 11 2008

Isn’t this top just gorgeous?? I love it and it was cheap so I can buy many colors of it. It excist in Blue, Pink, Grey and black I think.


White top with golden sequins, Forever21, $10.50

I also fell for these black platform stilettos with a fringe around the ancle.


Black Hiiiiiiiigh Heels with a fringed anclestrap, Forever21, $28.80


19 09 2008

I saw this top at Bik Bok today. I like it! I think I gonna buy it later.

Top, Bik Bok, €20

I was in the city today…

26 04 2008

… And I bought much things. I really gorgeous bikini I think its a pic if you scroll down. A white top white buttoms and a “belt” in the waist. Here’s a pic:

Im gonna wear it on our african dance on wednesday.

I also bought a gray tank top and a pair of C-H-E-A-P sunglasses.