18 12 2009


I reallt feel like the worst blogger ever! It’s almost a month ago since a wrote here. I’ll hope you at least like the things I write here when I do so.

Are you a fan of gorgeous underwear? I only wear cute panties and bras because it feels like my whole outfit looks better. And since I don’t have a boyfriend rightnow, I just wear it for my own sake. Nice underwear doesn’t have to be pricey. Most stores like H&M and so on, sells panties with lace and bows etc. Me like!

ASOS Boudoir Lace Underwire Bra

Black bra, Asos.com, £15

ASOS Boudoir Lace Tanga

Black panties from Asos.com, £4

Purple briefs with black lace, La Perla, $55

White bra with small bows, Tiger of Sweden, $65



23 11 2009

Hello sunshines!

I had the day of today, I thought it was a perfect day for shopping since it’s raining… I bought so much great garments today. I really were in the mood for shopping today. I even bought a pair of white converse ( my fave sneaker to tights!), and that’s unusual because I’m so close with my money. I’m very generous, and like to pay for my friends but I don’t like to buy clothes when I have to pay it. Or I pay for almost all my clothes but anyway 😛

I bought one dresses, and some other party clothes, a top and of course my beloved Converse! I also bought some underwear. I like to wear gorgeous underwear all the time because I feel more beautiful 🙂


Creme bra with laces. This one was perfect

for me. It was really comfortable and looked

so pretty. A plus is the nude color, you can

wear it under clothes. I also bought matching



Black Waistecoat from H&M. Really    

cute to a simple outfit with a black  

tank and leggings or something.    

I don’t think it matters if you’re all  

black when you wear this outfit. Match

with metallic jewelery.


I also bought this bodycon dress with

cut-out details at www.topshop.com.

I totally love it!

A black tee from BikBok with a twist. I love       

the shoulder thing. It lively up the whole    

outfit. I’m gonna wear it daily to jeans.


22 04 2009

Beautiful underwear and nightwear makes you feel good even if noone else will see it. I like short nightdresses almost like a long tank. My favorite top I sleep in now is a ordianry grey tank with marked waist. I found it on the department for ordinary tops so it’s made in soft cotton. You can often find nightwear at different kind of departments then the lingerie. I’ll show you some items I like below.

40043_fr_l               40062_fr_l

Papay blaconette bra with matching briefs,      Underwear with blue print, La Perla,

Calven Klein, Bra: €42, Briefs: €25                         Bra: €190 Briefs: €110

40027_fr_l            36769_fr_l

Satin metallic chemise, Dolce &                Black see-through chemise, Stella

Gabbana, €260                                                 McCartney, €250


13 11 2007

Here come some more nailpolishs I like. The first from www.asos.com

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COLOR: Sparkling Black

I also found this beautiful (haha) bra. 🙂 A blackone with purple dots and a small bow! I’m happy right now.

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COLOR: Black With Purple Dots 

It was also in white with black dots.

An when I surfed at www.hm.com I saw that Roberto Cavalli had a collection there. Cool! I must check it out.

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THAT’S Hot! Hahahahaha 😉

See ya later alligater!