27 03 2009

Coral is my new fave color. Well, I do have a new almost every other week but coral is really cute in the summer. Though the summer isn’t here yet (I woke up today and guess what I saw? snow. I saw snow. I want to cry now!) I like to window shop new summerlothes. I great at window shopping, I ‘d definitley qualify to the olympics. Back to the subject, I think coral’s very fresh and I can’t get enough of coral nailpolish.


Coral bandeau dress with bow, Asos petite, £32


I switch between these two colors coral and some raspberry pink, Asos, £12


This is really pretty. Imagine to match this

with the coral nailpolish. Wounderful! Coral

high-waisted skirt, Asos, £24.50


French manicure.

14 09 2008

I like french manicure and I use it often on my finger nails. Do you also like it? To make a good manicure you need to,

*First file your nails with a nailfile. Shape the as you want.

*Then paint the tip of your nail white. Use for example China Glaze’s nailpolish ín the color ‘Moonlight’. Let it dry.

*When it’s dry, paint the whole nail in a transparent polish. You can use

Glassfile,, £9

Nailpolish, China Glaze, £8.20

Transparant Polish, Auto Paint Cosmetics, $9

When you’re done it should look something like this,

I hope you’ll get yourself a cute manicure now!

Chanel Nailpolish

22 07 2008

I totally love Chanel’s nailpolishes! They are quite expensive. Around $35. But they are great and last long!

These are my fave colors:









Chanel 203 – Miami Peach









Chanel 161 – Vanity      









Chanel 173 – Sugar Gloss








Chanel 219 – Black Satin   


13 11 2007

Here come some more nailpolishs I like. The first from

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COLOR: Sparkling Black

I also found this beautiful (haha) bra. 🙂 A blackone with purple dots and a small bow! I’m happy right now.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

COLOR: Black With Purple Dots 

It was also in white with black dots.

An when I surfed at I saw that Roberto Cavalli had a collection there. Cool! I must check it out.

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THAT’S Hot! Hahahahaha 😉

See ya later alligater!

Nailpolish from different brands

8 11 2007

I’m feel better today 🙂 but my head aches a bit. I think it is cuz my brother watch the always-happy-never-sad SpongeBob Squarepant… Well, lets write about something more intrasting.

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I saw this this nailpolishes at

I really like the colors somekind of blue, red and black. Toally hot this fall/winter. It cost 287kr or 44.85 USD. Not so expensive for 3 polishes. What do you think? My friends just wear pink, purple, white and red polishes but I like all colors even if they are ugly you can wear them on your nails. It is awesome! Try it!  

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I like this one too. I heard that it should be great and long lasting. I have never seen this in store so I don’t know how expensive it is. Tell me 🙂