18 12 2008

Now it’s just 6 days until it’s christmas eve! I can’t believe it, I hvaen’t felt it yet. I’ve at least bought a bunch of really good gifts; a game for my bro, a shirt + tie for my dad, a soda streamer for mum and loads of more great things to my friends. I hope I’ll get a watch and cardcase. Then I’m happy!


Oh! Gravity – Switchfoot
Whatsername – Green Day
Radar – Britney Spears

Top fron

29 11 2008

Isn’t this top just gorgeous?? I love it and it was cheap so I can buy many colors of it. It excist in Blue, Pink, Grey and black I think.


White top with golden sequins, Forever21, $10.50

I also fell for these black platform stilettos with a fringe around the ancle.


Black Hiiiiiiiigh Heels with a fringed anclestrap, Forever21, $28.80