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6 03 2009

I found a new online-fashion-store I like. It’s called They have very cute garments and I love their shoes!


Dress with ruffled skirt, Insigt/                 High-waisted silver bubble skirt, $72                             , $120

AMA 2008 (I said sequins were in!)

21 12 2008

I’m late to show The American Music Awards best dressed ladies 2008. But better now than never! We saw lots of sequins and many wierd outfits but Ive chosen the best of the best!


Miley Cyrus in a cute black and golden creation with sequins. She match it with a pair of simple high hells and a few accessoaries. Good Job!


If someone is supposed to describe this dress, Ashley Tisdale‘s wearing,  and you havn’e seen it you may think it’s to much. It is not! This is absolutely perfect mix of fabrics, colors and pattern. A black shirt under the whole thing with a grey/pink pabric wrapped around it and some lace just on top of the dress. Gorgeous!


Alicia Keys was wearing a sophisticated long dark blue dress which is showing one of her shoulder. Very in! I love the strings of silver sequins.



Rihanna was the queen of the night but this dress is horrible! Why are you wearing my grandma’s curtains? And why did you steal the waiters gloves? You can do it much better Rihanna!


I thought ýou were so cute when you sang ‘Bubbly’. Where did you get this dress, Colbie Caillat? It has a ghastly décolletage and terrible green color. And white bags are aweful. They look so cute on the shelf in the store. BUt when you’ve bought it, they suddenly looks frightful! Never buy a white clutch/bag again! NEVER!


15 12 2008

I like necklaces because everyone sees them around your neck in the front. The first necklace’s from Friis & Company and I like it very much. I own one of them and I use often. It fits to many different outfits because of  it’s color.


Black and silver necklace from Friis & Company


This necklace has a ball in silver with a Peace & Love print. The ball is attached the a ring in silver. I also like the small star. It makes it look a whole lot different! Hultquist Copenhagen has made this necklance.

Partyclothes 20% off at!!

2 12 2008

It’s 20% off at party stuff at! HURRY UP! Ive alread bought two dresses three tops, one bag

and two pair of shoes…

njk 7890

Blue dress, £43                                      Purple/Silver dress, £35

ju8 oa

White top with black Bow, £20            Black top with buttoms, £27.50

lk k

Black top with golden chains, £21.50       High Heels with sequins, £16

o ki

Black shoes with feathers, £39              Black hard Clutch, £14


I can’t wait for my parcel to come!

Sequin Dresses

12 11 2008

Dress and other accessoaries with sequins are very in this fall. How perfect isn’t that on New Years Eve? Imagine to wear a dress overfilled with sequins, a pair of lovely high heels and a small clutch. I can’t wait for it to come! I looked at and I saw some dresses I liked and I love the prices on all their garments!


I love this perfect Black dress with bigb sequins,, $35


Also a black dress but with smaller sequins, Forever21, $35

If you want less sequins than that:


Purple dress with silver sequins that continues on the back, Forever21, $20


Grey dress with sequins around the neck, Forever21, $25


18 09 2008

I like jewely. It can make a whole outfit look better. Just a necklace! What I always use is a armband from Tomas Sabo. It’s very pretty! Here’s is some pieces I like.

Necklace with the word Paris,, €30

‘Peace’ Braclet with two colors, silver and gold,, €20

Black pearls, Vivienne Westwood, $250

A Black Bag is a Classic Bag!

1 09 2008

Your wardrobe won’t get hurt of an black classic bag. You can wear it anytime and you’ll look great! I like bags decorated with golden chains!

Bag, Marc Jacobs, €1080

Bag, Pauls Boutique, €80

Bag with Silver Chain,, €41

Dresses from IISLI

25 07 2008

I found two gorgeous dresses deom Iisli,

Black dress with one shoulder off, $99.

Silver and Gray dress with thin straps, $99.

Nanne Grönvall sings “American Idiot”

11 04 2008

A famous swedish siger named Nanne Grönvall sang “American Idiot” (Green Day) on a TV-Show called “Så ska det låta” and that would be “It should sound like that” in english if I translate it fast. Here is a clip  <– CLICK THERE TO SEE THE CLIP!!!



I also saw Heidi Klum in this awesome dress in silver. Really nice. I also like the shoes she matches the dress with!




Heidi Klum