My fave spring clothes!

22 03 2009

Spring is here at last! Or maybe not for all but hold on – It will come soon! I’m in the mood for celebrating stuff today so let’s celebrate spring with me showing all my fave items for spring! Excited? ūüėÄ

I love this tee from Pepe Jeans. I actually think t-shirts are a¬†great way of expressing yourself. This may not be that kind of tee but I like all the colors.¬†At lest I think I do¬†fit in colorful clothes, but I don’t know ūüėČ


Colorful tee, Pepe Jeans, £47.50

The vest below is from Asos own brand. I like the necklinf of this garment and the print does kind of express who I am. Cute with fashionsense but with a punky side deep in me.  


Floral Skull Vest,, £16.00

This is a pair of Jeans Leggins from Vila. I own one pair of them and I actually wear them right now. They’re very soft and comfortable and they really look like jeans because they have pockets, zipper and buttoms.


Jeans Leggings, Vila, £28.00

I’m definitley buying this skirt. Forget all other skirts I said I love. This is the one. All my favorite colors – Purple, Coral and Black (I love black clothes, It’s sophisticated.). Bubble skirts fits almost everyone and this is made in silk!


Bubble skirt in silk, Asos, £29.50

These are not my very favorite shorts but I’d like to have them and I would wear them until the were trash. I like the ripped thing. They also have paint splatter. Two trends in one¬†– Ripped with paint slatter.


Jeans Shorts,, $17.80

I like this black cut-out dress. It isn’t too low-cut and indecent and when you thought of these few thing it’s a very useful dress. Okey, it’s black so you can’t vear it to a wedding (black is the color of sorrow…), but to anything else you’ll lok hot, either with the purple flats below or the heels, in this outfit. Promise.

image2xl o

Black cut-out dress,, £37.50

You’ll think what the freaking f-ing hell did she¬†think¬†now? But these satin flats are stretchy so they’ll fit perfectly. Since I love purple¬†(you’ve noticed, huh?) these¬†are high on my I’d-like-to-have-list!¬†¬†In the spring and early summer there’s a lot of parties and things to celebrate – Wedding, graduations and of course birthdays. You’ll need one pair of stylish flats and one pair more bold heels.


Purple satin flats,, £18.80

I like zippers on shoes. I gives them a rough look. Also, if you’re just buying a few pair of shoes – Buy black heels. You can wear them to anything. You maybe don’t want to wear cobaly blue or lime green shoes to a stylish dress…


Peep-toe heel with zip-front,, £34.50


14 11 2008

I love this white tunic in silk. It’s from Golden Hawk and cost $75.


Color. Red or dead?

7 02 2008

Red or dead?

1. Blue top, made in silk, 30 euro

2. Red braclet, 10 euro

3. Blue belt, 14 euro

4. Yellow handbag (small!!!), 11 euro

5. Black and white braclets,  10 euro each

6 & 7. Bikini, 19 euro 

Everything’s from