I was happily suprised!

24 11 2009

I got an email from forever21 today. I saw a top I liked and I went to their homepage. It was a really long time ago since I visited them and, god!, I found many garments I liked. I thought they were kind of boring a while ago but they switched up!


Black jeweled 2-in-1 top, $19,80

Black waist-cardigan with Laces, $29.80

This cardigan would be stunning to a black simple

tank and jeans or leathertights if you’re going out. Cute

and edgy at the very same time!

One type of the popular cage pump

(personally I like them), $26,80

Studded, loose-fit, gray shirt with folded sleeves, $19,80

You can either dress it up or down. It depends

on what you’re wearing to it.



21 12 2008

It’s christmas soon, only three days left! But I’m stressed (hmm, okey, really I’m not…) I haven’t bought all gifts yet. I need a cheap gift for my daddy. Do you have any suggestions? What have you bought for your dads? I bet you all have something really awesome to your daddies! 😀 😀


18 12 2008

Now it’s just 6 days until it’s christmas eve! I can’t believe it, I hvaen’t felt it yet. I’ve at least bought a bunch of really good gifts; a game for my bro, a shirt + tie for my dad, a soda streamer for mum and loads of more great things to my friends. I hope I’ll get a watch and cardcase. Then I’m happy!


Oh! Gravity – Switchfoot
Whatsername – Green Day
Radar – Britney Spears


15 09 2008

Yesterday I got a tip about a online boutique with accessories, but also a few shirts and dresses, called www.thehoneyroom.com. I checked it out and I like very much of the stuff that they sell. My favorites are,

I love this braclet with a travel theme, $23. I’d really like to buy it, but it’s difficult with the shipping and so on…

Black and white, my favorite right now, scarf with fringes, $18. It’s made in 100% cotton.

Shirt, in chiffon, $20.

So check out the shop now, you wont regret it!

Checked Shirts!

13 09 2008

I like the trend with checked shirts, dress and so on. I already have three pices of garments with it. If you have a short dress or a long shirt you can wear it with a pair of anklelong thighs.

Checked Dress, Urban Outfitters, £58


Mulicolored Shirt, Sience & Noise, £58           Long Shirt, Cheap Monday, £50


6 09 2008

Im addicted to gray clothes, shoes etc. I love gray tank tops, gray cardigans and today I saw these gray high heels from Christian Louboutin. If I buy them my closet will be complete!

Gray Louboutin’s, €490

Gray top with Bow, Asos.com, €27

AC/DC Tee, Junk Food, €55

Copy Victorias Style!

31 08 2008

The fashionista Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham has made it really good here! With her high-waisted skirt, brown belt and white shirt she looks gorgeous!


                                                       Shirt, Miu Miu, €180











Brown Belt, Marni, €260






White Clutch, Mogil, €83









Red Skirt, Asos.com, €64









Brown Gladiator Wedge, Asos.com, €62