21 12 2009

Three days left until x-mas, and it’s snowing! When I looked out through my window this morning I thought someone held a postcard in front of my eyes. It’s unbelievably wintery outside! I love it!

Even thogh I like the snow I would like to go to a warm country. Imagine to just lay in a sunchair, drink a cold coke and party all night long. I’m really looking forward to the summer!


Asos.com :)

13 09 2009

I’ve done some shopping at www.asos.com today. I bought bangles from Lipsy (I love that deep blue color), silver party dress and another two lipsy dresses (god, I love Lipsy!). You see how the bangles match with the dress? I didn’t thought of it until now. I gotto go and find some heels in the same color and then my outfit’s done for my friends birthday(going-out-clubbin)party next saturday.

image1xl  image1xl

    Lipsy Bangles                                                            Silver dress/tank from Asos.

image1xlk  image1xl

Two wounderful dresses from Lipsy (I like colorful items… ^^)


I just had dinner so I’m going to take a peice of real American apple Pie I made yesterday. It’s delicious. I think my friend and I are going to the movies later this night. We’ll see what happens. See ya.

LaRok sale at Hautelook.com!

31 03 2009

There’s an sale on LaRok at www.hautelook.com today. Hurry up because their garments are gorgeous and the sale is short!

asymmetrical-bow-top-75             keyholes-down-front-back-9920

Green Asymmetrical bow top,                  Black cocktail dress with keyholes

LaRok, $75                                             down front and back, LaRok, $99,20

larok-scroll-skirt-7920             motorcycle-jacet-zipper-front-131

Skirt with striped black and white          Motorcycle jacket with zipper front

striped waistband, LaRok, $79,20        and pockets, LaRok, $131

ruffled-zipper-detial-city-tank-51                 strapless-formfitting-dress-v-split-at-top

White ruffled top with zipper detial          Multicolored strapless form-fitting dress

in the front, LaRok, $51                                dress with V-split at top, LaRok, $120