11 11 2009

You know I love adorable boxes in my bathroom. When I buy makeup I look at the boxes and then I choose what seems to be best and so on. A little dumb maybe but everyone knows that a cute/sylish package makes you wanna buy it. You might deny it but do you rather want foundation from Chanel or H&M? I’m sure H&M’s foundation’s great but I think of a yellow foundationmess.

Anyway, Smashbox do have great products and packages I like. A few things that are really neccessary is a good foundation, eyeliner and mascara. I like a natrual look daytime. I usually just use fondation and a eyelashcurler (sometimes masacara too). At the evenings I like to have the fabulous smokyeyes look. I use eyeliner, mascara and sometimes some eyeshadow aswell. I think everyone should buy a eyelashcurler. It makes miracles for all lashes.


I use the High Definition foundation from Smashbox. It’s an oilfree foundation with SPF 15. It costs $38


Lash Stiletto from Maybelline is the very best mascara evver. I want to try thier new one which vibrates. I kind of sceptical though…  



‘Midnight Black’ waterproof eyeliner, Smashbox, $22



Lash Stiletto.

1 08 2009

Some people wanted to know which mascara is my favorite. It is ‘Lash Stiletto’ from Maybelline New York. I don’t really need mascara because my lashes are long and black anyway but I use a eyelash curler and put some mascara on to make it hold better, like hairspray. Lash stiletto defines every lash, make them longer and the color is named black shine and I know why! It does really shine. This mascara is definitely worth its cost. 


 Lash stiletto, Maybelline New York, $20