Give me new Shoes!

11 03 2009

Have you said ‘I don’t have any shoes to wear?!?’ recently? I have and not because I didn’t have time to hunt for a pair somewhere in my house. No, actually, all my shoes are broken, worn out and dirty. I’ve thrown 3-4 pair of shoes this week! I’ve got a pair of disgusting blue Converse, one pair of Black wedges and a pair of old black ballerinas. I need new shoes!! I love the Karen Millen heels below. I like colorful shoes and floral print in the summer. The bow is just and extra plus. I love them! I also want a pair of gladiators this summer. I wanted one last s/s but I never bought it. Like those in coral. They’re pretty rare. I just can’t throw my converse even if they’re soon brwon instead of blue and if they smell like an elephant peed on them!


High heels w/ tropical Print, Karen Millen, £120


Coral Gladiators, KG by Kurt Geiger, £95


White Perforated sneakers, Fred Perry, £49


These shoes would really make my wardrobe more useful. I lika all of them and whey would probably look like those I have now in about 1 year… I have problems keeping my shoes clean and useful over a year. I buy one pair and use them until I destroyed them. Does anyone have the same problem as me??


Wanna look like…?

17 09 2008

…Rihanna? I really want to ad her rockchic style to mine own style. It’s gonna be gorgeous! I think your styles would look great if you mix it with Rihannas.

Rihanna in a leatherjacket, gray jeans and a t-shirt.

Leather Jacket, H&M, $75

T-Shirt, Truly Madly Deeply, £28

Gray Jeans, Cheap Monday, €40

Shoe Boot, KG By Kurt Geiger, £90