Five ways to…

3 05 2009

…Put color into your outfit!

A outfit can sometimes feel boring, uninspired and not so very colorful. I’ll show how to change that even if you’re not into bright colors or colors at all.




Those purple sunglasses a la Ray Ban wayfarer ( which are cooler than fake but an awful lot more expensive) are a good safe choise if you’re looking for a new pair. They are timeless and this color will lively things up but arn’t too tacky.

Sunglasses from for $12.50




Rihanna wears a gorgeous pink bandana with black dots. A bandana is useful when your hair is messy or unwashed but it still looks freaking good. Rihanna has a wounderful style and I’m jealous of her. In my opinion she has the coolest style of all celebs.




If you wear a high-waisted skirt, pant or a dress you can wear this red belt. If you have low-waisted garments the bely won’t usually show under the top. It might just be me… If you match a red belt with a black dress you’ll have a salsa-style but that’s only stylish.

Red Belt,, $12.50



39072_fr_l   39072_ou_l

A bag or a clutch is a good way to put color into a outfit. This bag’s from Marc Jacobs but I prefer to buy cheaper one in color so I can buy many and match them with different garments and outfits. A good tip when you buy a designerbag is to choose a timeless one. Like in black or brown leather so you don’t buy a cobaltblue so it’ll be out the very next season.

Green clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs, €235




Another good way to wear a color is on shoes. I like ballerina in the summer and noone who reads this blog can have missed that I’m in love with coral. I like those leather ballerinas even if I always buy fakeleather because I wear them one summer and then they’re broken/smells like monkeys/dirty.

Coral/Black ballerina, Bloch, €125

Kling – The Spanish Brand.

11 01 2009

Kling is one of my favorie brand. It’s cheap and they mix girlt, old, comfteble and stylish at the same time. Me like! The brand is spanish and it has alredy made succes there. I’ll show you the best parts of their collection.


prod_2187_bm                   prod_2157_bm

Green/White/black jersey top, € 29.90      Blue/Creme/Grey dress in different fabrics, € 36.90.

prod_2175_bm                prod_2050_bm1

I love teal! Top with buttoms, € 25.90    Top with flower print and bow, € 25,90 – Again

25 08 2008

Yes, I love their sales. I found this tank with a green flower print. It has a lace on the cheast and the straps – Very in!

Jet,, $26

Small bags from Asos

24 07 2008

I love my little bag as is a Chanel copy. You cant put very much things in it but do you really need 5kg of shit in your bag? Nope! Here is two small bags with long straps. Both cost £30.


Gray bag with a bow.








Green bag with a green and golden chain

Bikini from OndadeMar!

14 07 2008

Really gorgeous bikini with white background and flowers in purple, orange, yellow and pink from OndadeMar. I don’t remember the price right now but it wasn’t too expensive!




5 03 2008


These are my shoes. Green ballets and blue converse with flowers.


Green/blue sandals with “diamonds”….


And just nice summer shoes in different colors.