13 01 2010

Just the other day a say some pics from H&Ms new collection. It reminds me of summer with much color, flowers and light fabrics and the flower power of the 70’s. I saw a lot of things I’d like to buy and I almost never find anything at all I like there.


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I totally just love that colorful skirt. It would be great to wear with that white tank just as the model does at the picture. I would wear a pair of black, high heels that brings some roughness to the outfit, I don’t want it to be to pretty. I’d also match it with a lot of metallic and silver jewelries, like necklaces and rings. That’s a perfect summer outfit!


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I like those dresses to. I think the white one looks very much like something you wear to a graduation. The blue color would be perfect when you got your lovely summerish tan. It would fit perfectly to for example an wedding.

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I’d use this top either at the beach or when I’m gonna be not to dressed up. The light pink top fits all seasons. I consider with as a summer color even thogh I wear a lot of white in the winter and so on. I think this top would fit with a pair of light denim shorts or black leggings. A colorful shoe would lively up the outfit! This gladiator sandal’s from www.asos.com.


Now I’ve got one last dress to show you. I think it’s a dress you wear when you’re supposed to be dressed up and I think most of you agree with me ^^

I like strapless dresses a lot. They look summerish, and I think it’s a mature sexiness when a person shows her shoulders. And of course you’ll show your beautiful sunburned (or pale of you like that) legs in the wonderful dress.



Bianco shoes.

26 07 2009

Bianco is one of my favorite places to shop shoes. They look like a piece of art and they aren’t pricey. I also like that they have everything from sneakers to heels that would work on the red carpet.

450 dkk

Since this is a shoe with peep-toe, wear naipolish. I think it would be best with black.

Purple Heels with rose, Bianco, $85

400 dkk

I would wear this kind of sleek stilettos to a really glamorous dress, like a prom dress. It’ll look better than the purple or black heels because they’re so bold.

   Metallic Heel with Bow, Bianco, $75

700dkk  450dk

Black Gladiator with lovely                        Black platform Heel with ‘diamonds’ and the

details, Bianco, $130                               heel, Bianco, £85


17 03 2009

I bought this lovely gladiators from www.Dinsko.se. It’s a zipper on the front so they are very easy to put on because there’re no buckles or buttoms. They’re made in fake leather. I also do like wedge heels. They don’t seem too be very high but you get taller so I think you seem taller. I don’t know id you’ll get that… 😉 They heel’s 4.5 cm.


Black gladiators with wedge heel, Dinsko.se, 349kr

Give me new Shoes!

11 03 2009

Have you said ‘I don’t have any shoes to wear?!?’ recently? I have and not because I didn’t have time to hunt for a pair somewhere in my house. No, actually, all my shoes are broken, worn out and dirty. I’ve thrown 3-4 pair of shoes this week! I’ve got a pair of disgusting blue Converse, one pair of Black wedges and a pair of old black ballerinas. I need new shoes!! I love the Karen Millen heels below. I like colorful shoes and floral print in the summer. The bow is just and extra plus. I love them! I also want a pair of gladiators this summer. I wanted one last s/s but I never bought it. Like those in coral. They’re pretty rare. I just can’t throw my converse even if they’re soon brwon instead of blue and if they smell like an elephant peed on them!


High heels w/ tropical Print, Karen Millen, £120


Coral Gladiators, KG by Kurt Geiger, £95


White Perforated sneakers, Fred Perry, £49


These shoes would really make my wardrobe more useful. I lika all of them and whey would probably look like those I have now in about 1 year… I have problems keeping my shoes clean and useful over a year. I buy one pair and use them until I destroyed them. Does anyone have the same problem as me??