Rihannas cutest drsses

14 11 2008

Rihanna have changed her style over the past years. Here’s my favorite outfits and dresses!


A really cute purpl dress. It’s fits her great! (2006)


Loong blue gown. I love the color and the halterneck thing is gorgeous! (2006)


White shirt and black skirt with high waist. She looks super cute here and I want to steal it from her! (2007)


She wears this Dolce & Gabbana dress good. Big plus for the silver pumps! (2007)


This is awesome. She fits in the green color on the skirt and match it with an easy black tubetop. (2008)



2 08 2008

It’a always a nice feeling to wear gorgeous underwear! Here is a couple of examples.

Gray knickers from Diesel, 199kr ($32)

Blue knickers from Hanky Panky, 299kr ($49)

Pink/golden knickers Nolita 298kr ($49)

Polo Shirts

2 08 2008

I like polo shirts. They are stylish and you can wear them on your job/school or a party!

Blue/white polo from Dsquared2, 2298kr ($379)

And if your looking for somethinf extraordinary try this polo from Dolce & Gabbana!

Dolce & Gabbana polo, 1298kr ($215)