Five ways to…

3 05 2009

…Put color into your outfit!

A outfit can sometimes feel boring, uninspired and not so very colorful. I’ll show how to change that even if you’re not into bright colors or colors at all.




Those purple sunglasses a la Ray Ban wayfarer ( which are cooler than fake but an awful lot more expensive) are a good safe choise if you’re looking for a new pair. They are timeless and this color will lively things up but arn’t too tacky.

Sunglasses from for $12.50




Rihanna wears a gorgeous pink bandana with black dots. A bandana is useful when your hair is messy or unwashed but it still looks freaking good. Rihanna has a wounderful style and I’m jealous of her. In my opinion she has the coolest style of all celebs.




If you wear a high-waisted skirt, pant or a dress you can wear this red belt. If you have low-waisted garments the bely won’t usually show under the top. It might just be me… If you match a red belt with a black dress you’ll have a salsa-style but that’s only stylish.

Red Belt,, $12.50



39072_fr_l   39072_ou_l

A bag or a clutch is a good way to put color into a outfit. This bag’s from Marc Jacobs but I prefer to buy cheaper one in color so I can buy many and match them with different garments and outfits. A good tip when you buy a designerbag is to choose a timeless one. Like in black or brown leather so you don’t buy a cobaltblue so it’ll be out the very next season.

Green clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs, €235




Another good way to wear a color is on shoes. I like ballerina in the summer and noone who reads this blog can have missed that I’m in love with coral. I like those leather ballerinas even if I always buy fakeleather because I wear them one summer and then they’re broken/smells like monkeys/dirty.

Coral/Black ballerina, Bloch, €125



15 03 2009

Look what I bought last friday! I found the most gorgeous wallet ever. It’s pretty big so I can use it as a clutch too. It’s a zipper and inside there’s many pockets for credicards, coins and bills. It was cheap so you can really call this a good find! I found it at H&M for €10


Black wallet, H&M, €10

Bags <3

4 02 2009

Since I’m addicted to bags (and everything else in the category ‘fashion’) I’ll write a new post about gorgeous designer creations!


Black Bag in Woven Leather, Bottega Veneta, $5200      


 Red quilted Jersey Bag, Chanel, $2760


Coral Calfskin bag, Prada, $1170                           


Chocolate Leather Bag, Yves Saint Laurent, $1220

AMA 2008 (I said sequins were in!)

21 12 2008

I’m late to show The American Music Awards best dressed ladies 2008. But better now than never! We saw lots of sequins and many wierd outfits but Ive chosen the best of the best!


Miley Cyrus in a cute black and golden creation with sequins. She match it with a pair of simple high hells and a few accessoaries. Good Job!


If someone is supposed to describe this dress, Ashley Tisdale‘s wearing,  and you havn’e seen it you may think it’s to much. It is not! This is absolutely perfect mix of fabrics, colors and pattern. A black shirt under the whole thing with a grey/pink pabric wrapped around it and some lace just on top of the dress. Gorgeous!


Alicia Keys was wearing a sophisticated long dark blue dress which is showing one of her shoulder. Very in! I love the strings of silver sequins.



Rihanna was the queen of the night but this dress is horrible! Why are you wearing my grandma’s curtains? And why did you steal the waiters gloves? You can do it much better Rihanna!


I thought ýou were so cute when you sang ‘Bubbly’. Where did you get this dress, Colbie Caillat? It has a ghastly décolletage and terrible green color. And white bags are aweful. They look so cute on the shelf in the store. BUt when you’ve bought it, they suddenly looks frightful! Never buy a white clutch/bag again! NEVER!

Partyclothes 20% off at!!

2 12 2008

It’s 20% off at party stuff at! HURRY UP! Ive alread bought two dresses three tops, one bag

and two pair of shoes…

njk 7890

Blue dress, £43                                      Purple/Silver dress, £35

ju8 oa

White top with black Bow, £20            Black top with buttoms, £27.50

lk k

Black top with golden chains, £21.50       High Heels with sequins, £16

o ki

Black shoes with feathers, £39              Black hard Clutch, £14


I can’t wait for my parcel to come!