Kitson Jewelry

2 09 2009

I like the Jewelry from Kitson. When I wear an outfit without colors, it might be gray and black clothes which I like to match, I like to add some color using bracelets. That’s why I love Kitson because their bracelets are so colorful! I just want them all. You’ll find my faves below.


Multi-Colored Charm Bracelet, Kitson, $28


Kitson LA Star bangles, $68 (I like the orange best!)


VIP-bracelets, Kitson, $43 (Give me the pink one, please)


Jewelry from

5 04 2009

I like those bracelets with twisted in lether or suède and charms. They’re simple, stylsih and you can wear many at the ame time. I like bracelets most because my ears hurt when I wear earrings and I think neckleces are lovely but


Antracit grey bracelet with heart, Ms Bijoux, sek 79

I love Paris necklace (I, heart and eifeltower charm), Ms Bijoux, sek 139


Suède bracelet with Tree charm, Ms Bijoux, sek 89