Bags <3

4 02 2009

Since I’m addicted to bags (and everything else in the category ‘fashion’) I’ll write a new post about gorgeous designer creations!


Black Bag in Woven Leather, Bottega Veneta, $5200      


 Red quilted Jersey Bag, Chanel, $2760


Coral Calfskin bag, Prada, $1170                           


Chocolate Leather Bag, Yves Saint Laurent, $1220


Chanel make-up!

17 08 2008

I like everything that says ‘Chanel’ on the bottle etc. The Chanel Précision is an exceptional cleaning product for your skin but it doen’t just clean, it’s also an anti-pollution skincare product. It removes make-up, cleanse your skin and protect against pollution.

Chanel Précision, Skincare

Chanel Précistion also have a toner. Toners is good for your skin and makes it moist and fresh. Chanel Précision toners excists in four different types for different skin types. There is Comfort, Balance, Purity and Time-Fighting. They are also anti-pollution!

Chanel Précision Toner

High Heels

15 08 2008

I love high heels with crazy heels, different colors etc. I like these shoe from Balenciaga.

 It’s black with peep-toe and T-strap. The heel’s decorated with turquoise stones.

High Heel, Balenciaga, $1 795

Shoe with light bulb, Chanel

Gossip Girl Fashion

15 08 2008

The new SATC-girls from Gossip Girl has a preppy-sailor-chic style in the TV-show. And I doesn’t always like it but most of the time! But in real life its different, cofortable and stylish. Here’s a pic of Taylor Momsen and Leighton Meester.


*Scarf, BlueFox, 199kr ($31)


*Leather Jacket, H&M, 998kr ($159)

*Tank Top,, £6


*Cardigan, Joie, $118

* Gray Dress,, €39

*Bag, Chanel

Chanel Nailpolish

22 07 2008

I totally love Chanel’s nailpolishes! They are quite expensive. Around $35. But they are great and last long!

These are my fave colors:









Chanel 203 – Miami Peach









Chanel 161 – Vanity      









Chanel 173 – Sugar Gloss








Chanel 219 – Black Satin   

Nailpolish from different brands

8 11 2007

I’m feel better today 🙂 but my head aches a bit. I think it is cuz my brother watch the always-happy-never-sad SpongeBob Squarepant… Well, lets write about something more intrasting.

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I saw this this nailpolishes at

I really like the colors somekind of blue, red and black. Toally hot this fall/winter. It cost 287kr or 44.85 USD. Not so expensive for 3 polishes. What do you think? My friends just wear pink, purple, white and red polishes but I like all colors even if they are ugly you can wear them on your nails. It is awesome! Try it!  

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I like this one too. I heard that it should be great and long lasting. I have never seen this in store so I don’t know how expensive it is. Tell me 🙂