Soundtrack, May 19th 2009.

19 05 2009

The only part of the soundtrack of may 19th is Green Day’s brand new CD ’21th Century Breakdown’ which I bought today. I’ve been waiting so long and then when I came out I didn’t have any time to buy it. Guess how that felt!? At least I hvae it now and it’s awesome. I was kind of worried when Billie Joe first said he was composing at lot of the songs on the piano, but then I thought that it would be great even if he compose it on a harmonica and it truly was more than great! Really, you should buy it even if you just like them a little bit. If your not a confirmed fan as I am you will like it.

Billie Joe on the piano.


Frontside of ’21th Centurybreakdown’



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24 04 2009

Today is the worldpremière of Green Day’s new video, for the single ‘Know Your Enemy’. MTV has played it several times all day and they have a special site just for Green Day! Click HERE. Check out the vid there!

21th Century Breakdown!

10 02 2009

Green Day has announced that their 8th studio album, called  ’21th Century Breakdown’, is plannd to be realeased in may this year! Isn’t that great news? Green Day is back!

Soundtrack 29/9!

29 09 2008

I want to write a new soundtrack today. Right now I’m wathing the 2nd movie about Jason Bourne, The Bourne Supremacy.


Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day

Hey Ya – Outkast

Live Your Life – Rihanna

Tré Cool, Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day


6 05 2008

Guns n Roses – Sweet Child of Mine

Madonna – 4 minutes

Green Day – Knowledge

Britney Spears – Gimme More

    Guns n Roses

    Green Day



26 03 2008

Its soon spring and then its time to wear our Converse. Converse also celebrate 100 years as a brand. They have gig photograps all over the world with famous people. For example Billie Joe Armstrong!

Do you have classic white, punky black or maybe yellow or purple converse?

943620073426115346359207_m.jpg anytime44dba56166867t515.jpg  converse_all-star-high_purple.jpg    converse-black_medium.jpg


Green Day – She

11 11 2007

I like this song a lot! My favorite right now. Green Day rules!