Kate Moss for Topshop.

27 07 2009

Topshop is a fabulous store which mix cheap and pretty expensive clothes. I mostly like their party tops, dresses and high heels. But since Kate Moss started to design for them I went to Topshop more. I’ll show my favorites from her collection in this post.


1. Light Pink dress with wonderful back, Kate Moss for Topshop, $560

2. Red halter neck sundress with empire waist, Kate Moss for Topshop, $90

3. Ripped Denim shorts. Kate Moss for Topshop, $50

4. Gorgeous yellow Cami Top with lace, Kate Moss for Topshop, $70

5. Brown swirl bikini, Kate Moss for Topshop, $60



12 05 2009

Volcom is one of my favorite brands. They have comforatble, pretty garments and it’s funktional. It’s basically a skatebrand but they make a lot of different stuff also. You can of course wear it even if you arn’t a skater because it is gorgeous clothes. I like both the mens clothes and the woman clothes I’m going to show a few sample for both genders below.



Blue colorblock V-neck Cardigan, Volcom, $120


Slim jeans ‘Appleyard jean’, Volcom, $120


Black t-shirt with Print, Volcom, $45    (I love the print! I would love to buy this tee.)



White tee, Volcom, $45  (I like the bird deatil with the volcom logo under)

810839 810839_2

Blue/Green bikini with their logo printed and stripe-detail in the back, Volcom, $20


Tank with stripes in different colors, Volcom, $50


Picture credits to www.hollywood.se ! (Swedish site with awesome Volcom outlet.)


8 05 2009

Today has been a really boring day. It’s raining and it doesn’t look likes it’s getting better. I think some people can feel sick when it is bad weather, don’t you get a little bit more tired and loose the motivation to get up from bed in the mornings? At least I do. When I see it’s raining in the morining I wish I could go back to sleep again.

Right now I wish I could be on this beach called Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago. Doesn’t it look lovely? I wanna go to Tobago now. It seems like a cool place to be since it’s also known as ‘The Pirate Island’.


I would wear a blue bikini from H&M with flowers in yellow and pink. this is one of my fave bikinis this season and its C-H-E-A-P.


And when it’s getting colder or if I’m looking for something to drink I would put this gorgeous beachdress, with stars from Asos.com, on my sunburned body.



2 05 2009

I thought this halterneck bikini was someting extra. It looks pretty unusual with the print and I never seen anything like this brief. Of course the print with peace signs and sequins is gorgeous.


Bikini, Tara Matthews, €245

Zimmermann Beachwear!

17 04 2009

I’m into Zimmermanns swim collection. I like all colors and cuts. They’re simple, summerish, stylish swimwear anyone can wear. I especially like those two things.

I love the top of this bikini and the color is just amazing. Don’t you also think so? If it wouldn’t be so expenisve I would really buy this one. Ohh, just look at the bow!


This ruffled silk dress made for the beach is something I like. I don’t have any beach dress but I will but one this season. Maybe not as expensive as this one, from H&M or T12 perhaps. I like the neckline and pattern of the dress. I like a lot of color in the summer. It’s the time of color.


Seafolly Swimwear!

3 03 2009

I’m in love with Seafolly’s swimwear collections. I like colorfull items and bandeau tops best but I love to buy bikinis. I buy like at least three new every year and whats good with that is that swimwear gets disgusting after a while and the color fades. Then you need a new one, so my habit isn’t to unnecessay… You can buy all Seafolly collections at www.seafolly.com.au


Black Bandeau with Tropical Print, Seafolly, $129.90

Orange/Blue Bikini, Seafolly, $119.95

Red Striped Bikini, Seafolly, $149.90

Purple Bandeau bikini, Seafolly, $ 165,90

I <3 Yellow!

21 01 2009

Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I like yellow accessoaries because I don’t dress very well in yellow garments. I look too pale 😉 (the only yellow thing I can wear is bikinis and swimsuits.) But to have a yellow bag, shoes or earrings can make a whole outfit look much better!

38796_in_l       38195_in_l

Yellow Bag, Jimmy Choo, $850           Bandeau Bikini, Shay Todd, $225

37476_bk_l       31384_in_l

Bracelet, Roberto Cavalli, $350    Embroidred top, Catherine Malandrino, $260

49051_in_l                  37793_in_l

Sunglasses, Carrera, $125                     Peep-toe Pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $440