20 02 2009

Gooooood Day, how’s you day been? Mine has been boring. First school until 3 pm. I had german, scince, math, history and english. Imagine that. Then I had so much homework. I don’t even now where I got it all? Who gave this crap to me? I have seven chapters in my biologybook, I have 65 word in german + translate 2 pages and a freakin history examination on monday. Sucky.

I heard that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are engaged. A man sitting in front of her on a plane saw her ring and asked if she were married. She replied:

“I’m not married yet, just engaged. I know I look like I’m 15, but I’m actually 27.”

I wonder when the wedding bells will ring. I promise to update this.

I also heard that Robert Pattinson’s going to make the Oscars look much, much better. Robert’s going to present an award but we still don’t know if Kristen Stewart is gonna be there with him. There’s also a lot of speculations on who Roberts date will be.

Dresses we saw at the NAACP award!

16 02 2009

Here’s a bunch of pics on dresses celebrities wore at the NAACP awars last thursday.

hollyrobinsonpeete          vanessawilliams11

Holly Robinson Peete in a red and    Vanessa Williams wore a deepblue

silver dress with a psycadelic print.  dress with great fitting and gorgeously draped.

dakotafanning11          halleberry1

Dakota Fanning in a supercute beige   I think Halle Berry had the most beautiful

dress. She would look even better if    dress on the whole award. The cut-outs is

she had chosen a coboltblue dress. I   perfectly and tasteful done and her hair is

think she fits in color.                                 just fabulous!