American football.

29 04 2009

There is a few american football teams here and they would ‘reallt like to have girls’ in their teams. When you see thier teamphotos there’s a bunch of guys. I’m sure many girls would like to at least try it once and many would definietly like it. I think they should have more try-it-on days for both girls and boys nd maybe just girls if they knew some would show up. You can also read about scollarships. Wouldn’t it be nich with a free year on college and train for example football? When I checked out the page it only scollarships for guys existed. What about us girls? Aren’t we as good? Wouldn’t our socities be equal for both genders? This proves it’s not. Well, it’s just a sport but don’t you have to start somewhere? Maybe there isn’t any scollarships in synchronized swimming for guys but I think it would be easier for them to start a new swimteam for men. This kind of thing really pisses me off! 


I know there are a lot of worse things like how some people handle afroamericans. I don’t know whats going on in theirs head but I’d really like to know what they thought of them. Afroamericans is exactly like others and just because of how our descendats handled the slaves in the southstates. I’ll just say one word. Awful. Thats what it is. It is freaking disgusting to know how we handle our fellows. It’s embarrassing is someone sees us. What if it really is life out in space who just laughs at us. Think of that.