Seafolly Swimwear!

3 03 2009

I’m in love with Seafolly’s swimwear collections. I like colorfull items and bandeau tops best but I love to buy bikinis. I buy like at least three new every year and whats good with that is that swimwear gets disgusting after a while and the color fades. Then you need a new one, so my habit isn’t to unnecessay… You can buy all Seafolly collections at


Black Bandeau with Tropical Print, Seafolly, $129.90

Orange/Blue Bikini, Seafolly, $119.95

Red Striped Bikini, Seafolly, $149.90

Purple Bandeau bikini, Seafolly, $ 165,90

Small Across body bags!

27 02 2009

I love this kind of bags especially in spring and summer when you just wear a top and shorts and such things. I like when they are colorfull because a little stain of color can make your whole outfit look better!



Union Jack Across Body Bag, Asos, £17.75

Shoulder Bag with Bow, Forever21, $16.50

Gathered Shoulder Bag, Forever21, $16.50

Turquoise Quilted Shoulder Bag, Asos, £14,75