Andreas Thorkildsen!

27 08 2008

Andreas Thorkildsen – A very hot Javelin thrower from Norway. The name Andreas means “Strong”, and if you can do the Iron Cross you are strong! The 190cm guy with an angels face is 26 years old and born 1st April 1982 in Kristiansand, Norway. But now he’s living in Oslo, the capital of Norway. His personal best is 91,59m but to win the gold medal in the Olympics in Beijing 2008 he throwed 90,57m (olympic record). He’s born with javelin throwing blood in his veins – His father, Tomm Thorkildsen is also a Javelin Thrower and he throwed 71,64 in 1974. Tomm was Andreas personal coach until 2001 when he moved to Oslo. His coach now is named Åsmund Martinsen.



Guy from Ireland!

5 08 2008

I heard a cute guy and his friend yesterday. I think his name was Mark or Markus. He was from Ireland but I saw him in Sweden on a sailing competition, RS Feva World Championships. He was about 175-180cm tall and he had brown hair. He sailied for Lough Ree Yacht Club or Howth Yacht Club. You know him? 😀


22 07 2008

I found a really nice watch from Tritoni, The white watch white a golden frame cost only £85 and it’s made in plastic. Very usefull if your out much or if you are sporty and don’t want to scratch your watch in metal. You can find the watch in like 15 different, lovely colors, from black to Purple and everything between!

Trironi Watch, £85

Wedding at Gothia Cup

15 07 2008

Belive it or not but Anna and René first met at Gothia Cup opening Cermony in 1997. They were 16 back then. Now 11 years later the got married in front of 52000 young soccerplayers on Ullevi in Gothenburg! What a feeling…

Last year, 2007, René proposed to Anna – Also at the opening cermony!

To see the clip of the wedding, click here ->


Anna and René, I wish you all luck in the future!

Torres has Style!

13 07 2008

This is really stylish. You made it, Fernando! He wears a pair of casual jeans and comfortable black converse. But to make the outfit more up dressed he’s wearing a plain white shirt, good-looking on both guys and girls, and a ordinary black jacket over it. By the way, I like your bags!


If you want Fernandos outfit wear this:




White shirt from, £40










Jeans from Ralph Lauren, $99.99 (on sale)   








Black Jacket,, 570kr





Black Converse from, 550kr










Peace out!

Euro ’08 Final, Spain – Germany

6 07 2008

The Euro ’08 final was really good but Spain was better trough the match. And in the 33 minute spians, 185 cm tall, forward Fernando José Torres Sanz, a.k.a Fernando Torres, scored 1-0 for Spain in the Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna, Austria. The first and last goal in the match. This was the first time Spain won a big cup in 44 years. I wish I was in Madrid because it was happiness everywhere in Madrid and the rest of Spain when the team arrived and drove in Madrids streets and a bus without a roof! Red shirts and Spanish flags was everywhere. To bad for Germany and Ballack. The guy who always is on the 2nd place in tournaments and finals. But, hey, the World Cup is in South Africa 2010. It’s only tow years left! I hope Spain wins the World Cup to. And if they play like they did now it’s far away from impossible!