11 11 2009

You know I love adorable boxes in my bathroom. When I buy makeup I look at the boxes and then I choose what seems to be best and so on. A little dumb maybe but everyone knows that a cute/sylish package makes you wanna buy it. You might deny it but do you rather want foundation from Chanel or H&M? I’m sure H&M’s foundation’s great but I think of a yellow foundationmess.

Anyway, Smashbox do have great products and packages I like. A few things that are really neccessary is a good foundation, eyeliner and mascara. I like a natrual look daytime. I usually just use fondation and a eyelashcurler (sometimes masacara too). At the evenings I like to have the fabulous smokyeyes look. I use eyeliner, mascara and sometimes some eyeshadow aswell. I think everyone should buy a eyelashcurler. It makes miracles for all lashes.


I use the High Definition foundation from Smashbox. It’s an oilfree foundation with SPF 15. It costs $38


Lash Stiletto from Maybelline is the very best mascara evver. I want to try thier new one which vibrates. I kind of sceptical though…  



‘Midnight Black’ waterproof eyeliner, Smashbox, $22


Lash Stiletto.

1 08 2009

Some people wanted to know which mascara is my favorite. It is ‘Lash Stiletto’ from Maybelline New York. I don’t really need mascara because my lashes are long and black anyway but I use a eyelash curler and put some mascara on to make it hold better, like hairspray. Lash stiletto defines every lash, make them longer and the color is named black shine and I know why! It does really shine. This mascara is definitely worth its cost. 


 Lash stiletto, Maybelline New York, $20


4 05 2009

I’ve got so much homework to do. I have two tests this week; science and home economics. Science is the hardest, most boring thing to do in my opinion. Especially study it before a exam. I have chemistry, biology and physics at 110 pages together.

Also my room looks like a mess! It’s clothes, shoes, dirty socks and books everywhere. I wish I had a dressingroom. If I had one I would tidy it up all the time so it looked good and I would like it to be in white and black with lots of full-figure-mirrors and good lighting. Or I would might have one with details made in three. I think thats a good look for a proper dressingroom. There would be a make-up table with a pretty chair and a mirror with light bulbs around it.


I want a dressingroom like this one!!


Including a mirror like this.

Lady Gaga Fashion.

30 03 2009

Lady GaGa’s style is different, either you love it or hate it. I personally think it’s awesome and she’s cool but I wouldn’t wear it myself because I’m a weak person and don’t want to stick out of the bunch too much. I like her leather dresses and outfits and her body and self-confidence is great so she wears it with pride.

gaga121              1237554246809_gaga4

This dress is something I would              This is a wierdo outfit but I kind

wear. I think it’s gorgeous and               of show us her personality. Crazy

I’m in love with the bow. Her                   but a business woman. The color

hair is really hot here. The bow             of the skirt is ghastly but I like it anyway.

thing she’s been wearing several           

times isn’t ordinary.              

1237554237435_gaga22           1237554262981_gaga7

This shiney leather suit is strange         I like this origami-japaneese-inspired

but with the belt and sccessoaries        dress she also has in black and gold.

it looks very good. Notice to hair-bow  Her make-up is wounderful and

she’s wearing again. It’s unique!                  natrually. (E.L.F)

16 02 2009

E.L.F. has unbelievably cheap make-up which is really good. Most things cost £1.50 and I promise that it’s definitely worth it 😉 When it’s so cheap you can buy new things that you wanna try out and just throw it or give it away if you don’t like it. I’d nevet tried the ‘Shimmering Facial Whip’ which you can use on lips, eyes and cheeks to get a natrual healthy look. I really recomend it. I also like the eye widener. It’s like a white eyeliner, you use it on the upper lash line and on the inside of the lower lid. It makes the eye appear bigger. Then use the eyeshadow combination namned ‘Drama’ to get the powerful smokey look. Then you just use your favorite mascara and you will have a great look!


Shimmering Facial Whip, E.L.F, £1.50 (I have the color ‘Citrus’)


Eye Widener, E.L.F, £1.50


Eyeshadow in the combination ‘ Drama’, E.L.F, £1.50

Mineral Make-up!

3 02 2009

I like mineral make-up much. I use I.D Bare Minerals and I just use the foundation powder at weekdays. When I’m going to a party etc. I use the eyeliner from L’Oreal. L’oreal do also have good mineral powders, but I prefer the real deal, I.D BareMinerals!  They are all great for my skin since I have problems with it. If you have pimples you really shouldn’t wear liquid foundation because they stop the pores. Not good! 


I.D BareMinerals Powder,, $25


Mineral Powder, L’Oreal, $13


Mineral Eyeliner, L’oreal, $10


29 01 2009

Proactiv is a brand of a couple of products for acne. It works really good and I use it every night. My skin is perfect!


First you use the cleanser (the big white bottle). it contains peeling and it makes your skin very soft. After that you use the toner (the green bottle). The toner removes oil and makes the skin even more moist and refreshed. Let the toner dry and then use either the night- or daycrème. Twice a week you can use the mask that you recive as a gift in the first set of bottles you order. I like the mask very much, I can almost see the skin getting cleaner! The first box you get cost $117 and it’s free shipping.


I really recomend this and if you just have small problems the are great because they don’t dry the skin very much. You can also do a test on their site,, to find out which skintype you have.