16 06 2009

Sorry for the bad updates but I’ve been on vacation to Spain and they didn’t have wireless internet on the hotel… I hate to not be able to write here, my fingers start to itch when it’s been to long since I wrote ^^ Anyway, Spain was great and I was in Barcelona with my family. I’ve done some shopping but it was expensive so I didn’t buy very much stuff. I bought some lovely Gladiator sandals with pearls and rivets. They were gorgeous.

Were do you wanna travel? Which is your favorite place to do vacations?

I wanna go to US and I have some different places I want to visit there, New York, Los Angelses, Florida and I want to tivoli-lightsgo to Las Vegas with some girl friends of mine. That would be awesome. I also want to travel Europe by train, my best friend and I will probably do that next summer. It’s ridiculous to be longing for next summer when this one just arrived but imagine what an 5414421348659_Yellow_m1experience it would be. Take care and travel by yourseld in a month. My favorite place to is Copenhagen. It’s a very beautiful city with great shopping and restaurants. I also like their amusment park called Tivoli. It’s small but it’s a nice park with some fun rides like a really high discard swings and a rollercoaster with loops. I like Urban Outfitters on Östergade 52 I think, I aways find something I like there like this high-waisted floral skirt.



I wanna thank Bayley for the nice comment. I hope you’ll see this, I don’t have too many readers and comments here but it gives me more motivation to keep on writing here.


American football.

29 04 2009

There is a few american football teams here and they would ‘reallt like to have girls’ in their teams. When you see thier teamphotos there’s a bunch of guys. I’m sure many girls would like to at least try it once and many would definietly like it. I think they should have more try-it-on days for both girls and boys nd maybe just girls if they knew some would show up. You can also read about scollarships. Wouldn’t it be nich with a free year on college and train for example football? When I checked out the page it only scollarships for guys existed. What about us girls? Aren’t we as good? Wouldn’t our socities be equal for both genders? This proves it’s not. Well, it’s just a sport but don’t you have to start somewhere? Maybe there isn’t any scollarships in synchronized swimming for guys but I think it would be easier for them to start a new swimteam for men. This kind of thing really pisses me off! 


I know there are a lot of worse things like how some people handle afroamericans. I don’t know whats going on in theirs head but I’d really like to know what they thought of them. Afroamericans is exactly like others and just because of how our descendats handled the slaves in the southstates. I’ll just say one word. Awful. Thats what it is. It is freaking disgusting to know how we handle our fellows. It’s embarrassing is someone sees us. What if it really is life out in space who just laughs at us. Think of that.

Guy from Ireland!

5 08 2008

I heard a cute guy and his friend yesterday. I think his name was Mark or Markus. He was from Ireland but I saw him in Sweden on a sailing competition, RS Feva World Championships. He was about 175-180cm tall and he had brown hair. He sailied for Lough Ree Yacht Club or Howth Yacht Club. You know him? 😀

Sex and the City

29 07 2008

I totally love Sex and the City. I watch my DVD-box all the time even if Ive seen the episodes 100 times before! And not just that, my box’s having the hounorplace in my bookcase because the box is so stylish and good-looking! I would buy it even if I didn’t like the show. Totally. Well, my fave episode is the first I think. Or the one when they have the conversation on the beach about brazillian wax. And of course I like the movie. Just look at all Prada clothes, Manolo Blahnik shoes and all fabulous dresses. And take your boy/girlfriend and the theater and watch the movie. NOW!


Carrie, Mirand and Samantha next to a pool!


26 07 2008

Don’t you want to go to London? At least I do. I want to see London Eye, eat a Egg & Bacon brunch and check

out Madame Taussads. And I found this hotel, The Trafalgar Hilton. I looks really good. If Im going to London sometime I gonna stay there! And of course I wanna shop ’til I drop! Id like to visit Urban Outfitters, Harrods (Just for looking at it…) and Punky Fish for example. I really fell like going to London more and more as the days passes by!





T-shirt, Guns n Roses, Urban Outfitters, £32


I was in the city today…

26 04 2008

… And I bought much things. I really gorgeous bikini I think its a pic if you scroll down. A white top white buttoms and a “belt” in the waist. Here’s a pic:

Im gonna wear it on our african dance on wednesday.

I also bought a gray tank top and a pair of C-H-E-A-P sunglasses.