16 06 2009

Sorry for the bad updates but I’ve been on vacation to Spain and they didn’t have wireless internet on the hotel… I hate to not be able to write here, my fingers start to itch when it’s been to long since I wrote ^^ Anyway, Spain was great and I was in Barcelona with my family. I’ve done some shopping but it was expensive so I didn’t buy very much stuff. I bought some lovely Gladiator sandals with pearls and rivets. They were gorgeous.

Were do you wanna travel? Which is your favorite place to do vacations?

I wanna go to US and I have some different places I want to visit there, New York, Los Angelses, Florida and I want to tivoli-lightsgo to Las Vegas with some girl friends of mine. That would be awesome. I also want to travel Europe by train, my best friend and I will probably do that next summer. It’s ridiculous to be longing for next summer when this one just arrived but imagine what an 5414421348659_Yellow_m1experience it would be. Take care and travel by yourseld in a month. My favorite place to is Copenhagen. It’s a very beautiful city with great shopping and restaurants. I also like their amusment park called Tivoli. It’s small but it’s a nice park with some fun rides like a really high discard swings and a rollercoaster with loops. I like Urban Outfitters on Östergade 52 I think, I aways find something I like there like this high-waisted floral skirt.



I wanna thank Bayley for the nice comment. I hope you’ll see this, I don’t have too many readers and comments here but it gives me more motivation to keep on writing here.



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