4 05 2009

I’ve got so much homework to do. I have two tests this week; science and home economics. Science is the hardest, most boring thing to do in my opinion. Especially study it before a exam. I have chemistry, biology and physics at 110 pages together.

Also my room looks like a mess! It’s clothes, shoes, dirty socks and books everywhere. I wish I had a dressingroom. If I had one I would tidy it up all the time so it looked good and I would like it to be in white and black with lots of full-figure-mirrors and good lighting. Or I would might have one with details made in three. I think thats a good look for a proper dressingroom. There would be a make-up table with a pretty chair and a mirror with light bulbs around it.


I want a dressingroom like this one!!


Including a mirror like this.



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