You like fantastic good books? Me too!

15 04 2009

It was a while ago since I wrote but I’ve been away and I arrived at my place yesterday. The weather is warm and sunny at last and it’s just about 55 days until the long summerbreak (10 whole weeks!). Many gradituations, confirmations and weddings take place now. A good reson to wear lovely summerish dresses and shoes in bright colors. I would chose a coral or bright pink dress to this kind of events. I like coral a lot, I think it suits me well.


Anyway, have you read the successful ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’-books by Sophie Kinsella? They are really good (I bought the first three books last friday and I’ve read 2½!).  They’re about Rebecca Bloomwood whos a journalist at a economic paper called ‘Successful Savings’. She doesn’t earn too much money and she’s going to pay the pile of creditcard bills, but couldn’t she say she never got any bills? That’s the ultimate solution!

The book is much more than just boring workingdays and bills; her best friend Suze who has a whole box of KitKats live in the same apartment in Fulham and the arrogant guy Luke Brandon who gives Becky 20 pund for a wounderful silk and velvet ‘Denny & George’ scarf (It was to her sick aunt…). Well, you’ll see when you start reading it, because you will. It’s the most great chiclit series ever made. And the best thing, It’s a lot of books at least four (I don’t know exactly)





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