Lady Gaga Fashion.

30 03 2009

Lady GaGa’s style is different, either you love it or hate it. I personally think it’s awesome and she’s cool but I wouldn’t wear it myself because I’m a weak person and don’t want to stick out of the bunch too much. I like her leather dresses and outfits and her body and self-confidence is great so she wears it with pride.

gaga121              1237554246809_gaga4

This dress is something I would              This is a wierdo outfit but I kind

wear. I think it’s gorgeous and               of show us her personality. Crazy

I’m in love with the bow. Her                   but a business woman. The color

hair is really hot here. The bow             of the skirt is ghastly but I like it anyway.

thing she’s been wearing several           

times isn’t ordinary.              

1237554237435_gaga22           1237554262981_gaga7

This shiney leather suit is strange         I like this origami-japaneese-inspired

but with the belt and sccessoaries        dress she also has in black and gold.

it looks very good. Notice to hair-bow  Her make-up is wounderful and

she’s wearing again. It’s unique!                  natrually.



2 responses

29 08 2010

lady gaga é a cantora niguem supera ela!!!!!!!! madona ja era agora É LADY GAGA

27 12 2010

Great review but by the way, the black outfit to the lower left is actually made of latex, not leather. She said it in an interview.

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