Sailor chic!

10 03 2009

It’s summer soon. Okey, okey, I want it to be summer soon. It’s only 2.5 months left! I like the sailor chic look. It feels fresh and stylish and you fit everywhere; on the beach, in the city on a party… You name it! I found some new items I like. I do already have garments as look like those but I want to show you want I like. This is kind of what my blog is about (hope you like it). And by the way, a comment can make my day!


White long sleeved shirt with blue stripes, Gina Tricot.                       


White/Blue striped skirt, Ted Baker, £85


Light Denim Shorts,, $19.90   


  Black Hat with Zebra Band,, $9,80



Black Gladiator Sandals, La                       


 2-in-1 White vest and Waistcoat, Killah, £54




One response

11 03 2009
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