21th Century Breakdown!

10 02 2009

Green Day has announced that their 8th studio album, called  ’21th Century Breakdown’, is plannd to be realeased in may this year! Isn’t that great news? Green Day is back!


Get Kristen Stewarts Look!

9 02 2009

Kristen Stewart looks good in everything she’s wearing. She has a casual, little punky style. The Twilight-actor wears whatever she likes and that’s what fashionsense is, wear whatevery you want and make it look good!


To Get Kristen Look:


Jeans, Siwy Rose, $239


Black Leatherjacket with hood, Asos, $162


Black Cashmere Tank, Crumpet, $145


White Converse, www.amazon.com, $39


Black timeless Wayfarers, Ray-Ban, $189

(This kind of Ray-Ban glasses is never out of fashion buy them!)


It’s cashmere, baby. It’s Cashmere.

Gorgeous Skirt!

8 02 2009

This is the most gorgeous skirt I’ve seen for long! It’s on sale and Asos has a offers almost free shipping (like one freaking pound!). I want it in black and  I would match it with a purple or white tank. But white is a little mainstream,  I think everyone should go for color and not be afraid of it all the time. Don’t you like purple? It’s my new favorite color! I’d also wear a leatherjacket and cute heels.

image1xl image4xl

High-Waisted Skirt with cute details, Asos.com, £19 (was £28!).

image1xl1 image1xl2

Tanks in purple and with (12 other colors is available), Asos.com, £6

image1xl3 8c4be1ff-3962-4f62-8b3f-48fdcf79c49f

Gladiator Heels, Asos.com, £34,50        Black Leatherjacket, Stayhard.se (modström), £209

Bags <3

4 02 2009

Since I’m addicted to bags (and everything else in the category ‘fashion’) I’ll write a new post about gorgeous designer creations!


Black Bag in Woven Leather, Bottega Veneta, $5200      


 Red quilted Jersey Bag, Chanel, $2760


Coral Calfskin bag, Prada, $1170                           


Chocolate Leather Bag, Yves Saint Laurent, $1220

It’s freaking snowing!

4 02 2009

I can inform you that it snows here! I’ll seriously die! I hate snow and my feets gonna freeze in my converse. My life sucks, haha 😉  Well, I’ll try to heat out with a cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream + a new soundtrack! It was pretty long time ago since I wrote one.

Single Ladies – Beyonce

Broken Strings – James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado

Never Think – Robert Pattinson

 Listen to ‘Never Think’ here;

Mineral Make-up!

3 02 2009

I like mineral make-up much. I use I.D Bare Minerals and I just use the foundation powder at weekdays. When I’m going to a party etc. I use the eyeliner from L’Oreal. L’oreal do also have good mineral powders, but I prefer the real deal, I.D BareMinerals!  They are all great for my skin since I have problems with it. If you have pimples you really shouldn’t wear liquid foundation because they stop the pores. Not good! 


I.D BareMinerals Powder, www.amazon.com, $25


Mineral Powder, L’Oreal, $13


Mineral Eyeliner, L’oreal, $10