Oh, What a Night!

14 01 2009

I got a mail about a website called http://www.ohwhatanightonline.com . They sell really goregeous designer dresses, shoes and handbags. It’s worth a look and I’m sure you’ll find something you want.

f07f9100773fa98a1c59ebc4a745ed19_image_483x728         21356f69f82ec8441a45ef13a557a3f0_image_483x728

Black cocktail dress with jewel             LBD with sequins and empire-waist.

decorated neckline, BCBG, $150         Decorated with a bow, BCBG, $220

671d6c5827a85c0f0c4e41a17ce72bee_image_483x728         29bc615c13807cdcd972826f7674c2ba_image_455x728

Beige Trenchcoat, Moschino, $99      Black trenchcoat with 3/4 sleeve

                                                                            Armani, $109,99



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