Red like Santa!

23 12 2008

On christmas you may want to dress in red. I think red is like the color of christmas. And maybe green to. Anyway, many stars dresses in red. And they also fit in the color.




amanda-bynes          annafaris

Amanda Bynes in a black dress and      Anna Faris in a red Hérvé Léger Dress.

red cardigan. I totally love the                 and Christian Louboutin shoes.

edgy heels she’s wearing!

lauren-conrad            mischa-barton

Lauren Conrad in a supercute red dress     Mischa Barton wears a red dress with

and gorgeous shoes. The cardigan is also   roses. It would be perfect to wear a dress

cute but not with the dress. It would fit      like that with tight on christmas eve.

perfect to ordinary jeans.

olga-kurylenkova            nathalie-portman

The Bond-girl Olga Kurylenko wears a       Natalie Portman in a dress I waaaant!

long red sophisticated dress on the            I love the whole creathion with flounces

red carpet.                                                             and flat shoes. Itäs just great!



2 responses

26 12 2008
James Mason

Olga is the hot gir of the moment right now with roles in all kind of movies. She is headlining the action movie Kirot.

In the movie she plays a woman that is coerced into becoming a hit woman for a shadowy organization after being imprisoned for working as a prostitute.

She escapes from her new employees and joins forces with an abused woman she encounters on the run. Together they embark on a campaign of revenge.

Sound like the movie NIKITA to me but with olga and that makes it 100% better and the original is great

4 01 2009

these girls are on top of their game

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