4 10 2008

I saw the movie Wanted with Angelina Jolie yesterday. I liked it very much but sometimes I didn’t get what talked about. Like the looms they were talking about. How did they see that the threads was over the other on and so on?? But the movie as whole was great! Everybody who havn’t seen it yet – DO IT!

The movie was about a guy, called Weasly ( James McAvoy), who hated his job. He sits in a office the entire day and waiting for the day to end. But one day in the supermarket he meets a girl named Fox (Jolie). Fox told him that he’s a ninja with superpowers and has a unnatrual reactionability. She wants him to enter ‘The Fraternity’. It’s a group of murders and they belive in the destiny. A loom decides who they are going to kill. Fox also told Weasly that his father was killed a couple of days ago. When he joins The Fraternity he can avenge his fathers death. And that’s what the movie is about!



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