Gossip Girl

30 01 2008


I saw the first episode yester day. It was awesome! What do you think? But I think I like to read the books better. Well, Im just started to read the 5th.


Have you seen my favorite  top? I hope so because I cant find it again and I want to buy it! It was a blue/gray t-shirt with the Rliing Stones toung. The toung was made in pearls in red and white I think. I would love if you tell me if you find it. And it was from the brand Amplified.

And when you are here…

sign this page too! www.stardoll.com  My username is polni. Little weird but I couldnt figure something better out xD

You know you love me!





One response

1 02 2008

Hey, I just started a new blog about the fashions seen on Gossip Girl…honestly, the clothes are why I watch the show! Check it out, and add it to your feed if you like it:

BTW, I’ve never seen a Stones shirt like the one you’re describing, but it sounds cool – pearls on the tongue? Awesome!

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